Autumn Equinox

Autumn Equinox

Posted by David Ockrassa on 8/21/2014 to Articles

The Autumn Equinox is at 10:29 PM EDT on September 22nd this year.

The Uranus square to Pluto continues, and begins to seem like the Energizer Bunny… and will not be done with us until its last exact contact next March, nearly 3 full years since they first came to this configuration. So the unexpected transformation symbolized by the two planets involved, and the tension and adjustment symbolized by the Aspect is far from complete. (And, of course, even after they break from this contact next year, the repercussions will take time to settle out, even though the intense pressure to change will abate.)  Uranus in Aries is impatient for those changes to occur. Pluto in Capricorn points to transformations in the fundamental structure involved. On the personal level, those would be the two Signs to look at in your birth chart – i.e. what Houses (which represent areas of life’s experiences) are involved for you? In the Mundane, geo-political view, they continue to indicate the turmoil and changes going on throughout the world, and especially the countries that are involved with dramatic – and often catastrophic – changes to their modes of government. While the astrological factors don’t tell us exactly how they’re all going to end up, they do suggest that after next Spring they should start to settle out. (The first exact square was in June of 2012, and since then we’ve seen the “Arab Spring,” which started out well for “the people” but has degenerated, in most places where it happened; Syria, Gaza, the Ukraine, and a new resurgence of fundamental – and fundamentalist – change with the ISIL rise to brutal power. As this pattern starts to break up next Spring, some of these situations should start to stabilize. HOW they will stabilize, what form they will take, is dependent on how people and other governments proceed.)

It’s often the case in Mundane Astrology that the lowest comes to the forefront. A sad commentary on the gullibility of the masses, and a reminder that, where it’s possible under the form of government, the people need to try to put in place leaders who have aspirations for the good of the people, not the enrichment of a few at the cost of the many.

But on the individual level, we have the chance to be more pro-active in dealing with tough transits and more flexibility in dealing with the issues raised, along with, usually, less catastrophic results if we take a less than optimal direction with our choices. (Although, of course, it may not feel less catastrophic!)

Uranus is trine to Jupiter in the Ingress chart, so there’s more pressure to make big changes. But Jupiter, in turn, is in a square aspect to Saturn, who wants to put the brakes on Jupiter’s push for more. And Jupiter is also in a wide Quincunx to Pluto, bringing him back into the mix. This Aspect is one that suggests a need to re-evaluate one’s position before committing to actions. So with both Pluto and Saturn trying to get Jupiter to reconsider, it might just be possible to put the breaks on Uranus for a while longer, and take the time to thoroughly examine the potential of any changes contemplated. All actions have consequences, and it’s wise to consider as many of them as we can think of before taking any irrevocable actions. Knee-jerk, heat of the moment reactions are seldom productive in achieving worthwhile goals, no matter how “righteous” they might seem at that time. Beware of unintended consequences.

So what’s a person to do when faced with these pressures?

Mercury is the planet with the most essential dignity in the Ingress chart, giving him extra strength, so let’s look at him for a bit. Mercury is, of course, largely about gathering information, sorting and collating it. In Libra in this chart, it seems there is energy available to gather such info with an eye to both (or all) sides of any thing considered. So far, so good. Getting data on not just what we think we agree with, but also data on opposing (or just different) points of view can be a very productive pursuit. It may help to solidify our conceptions, or it may open us up to new ways to approach the task. Or it may even lead us to a place where we totally change our plans based on the new information. It would be a good plan to expand your sources of information. Read or watch media that isn’t your normal, both to see a different perspective and to see a different “slant” on what is touted to be common knowledge. Don’t automatically believe or “buy in” to anyone’s message. Do some research and find out the sources of such knowledge and messages. Examine motives of and benefits to those messengers, and determine if they are truly of benefit to more than the messenger. As is often said, follow the money. That’s often a fast and certain way to find out who will benefit.

Mercury is also just about as far from the Sun as he can get, which can add an element of objectivity to his data gathering. Again, a good thing for one who is trying to expand their vision, since a Mercury tightly joined to the self-identity of the Sun may be too selective in that process, gathering only information that supports existing thought patterns. So the extreme distance between them may aid in an objective analysis that can help us get past preconceptions and perhaps get closer to, at least, “our” truth for the matters of concern. And that’s where we want to be before making any – or any more! – of the changes we need to be looking at in this time.