Children's Birthday Report

This reading will come formatted and printed on parchment paper in a binder for long-term reference.

An Astrological Profile for Alicia C.

Childhood is a time filled with promise. A new life, fresh beginnings, and for parents and teachers -- it's the ultimate challenge. How many times have parents wondered why kids did not come with instruction manuals?! There's a secret: they do!

Each person is born at a special time, on a certain day and place. Astrologers use this information to chart the positions of the planets relative to the date, time and place of birth. This chart, or horoscope, provides an invaluable and exceptional view of the potentials, drives and needs for Alicia C.. This is the "cosmic guidebook" for each individual! The patterns of the planets, Sun and Moon are unique and notable for a developing child, since in childhood these pictures are seen in a different light. Children are changing rapidly, and, in the process of becoming themselves, need special love and guidance. Developmental Astrology incorporates the basic concepts of astrology within the framework of the early years of life.

This astrological report can be used as a guidepost, and provides a few hints and insights into the unique qualities of this child. Please remember that everyone -- including a child -- has free will. So while an astrological report can give you some valuable information, it does not indicate a fixed set of limited options. Of course environment also has its influence, but by understanding the significant drives and needs represented by Alicia C.'s chart, you can better appreciate her uniqueness, and, hopefully, guide her to fulfill her potentials in the healthiest possible way!

I. Basic Underlying Personality Traits
There are several layers to an astrological chart, just as there are layers to the personality. In astrology, the building blocks of the chart are the planets, signs and houses of the chart. You'll see these terms scattered throughout this report. In a nutshell, the planets (plus the Sun and Moon) represent specific energies and drives. These drives each have a different purpose in the developing personality. The twelve signs of the zodiac represent qualities, characteristics and traits. The houses (the twelve divisions of the chart wheel or circle) symbolize the facets of a person's life. In the drama of life, the planets represent the actors, the signs show the roles the actors play, their costumes and props, and the houses illustrate the setting and scene of the play. 

Using the building blocks of the zodiac signs, there's yet another layer. Each sign falls into categories called elements and modes. There are four elements -- fire, earth, air and water; and there are three modes (or action models) -- cardinal, fixed and mutable. There's a way to distill the chart into its dominant element and mode of expression, and this leading denominator gives a powerful clue to the strongest underlying personality traits. 

In Alicia C.'s chart, there is an outstanding quality of Water. Outstanding strength in the Water element means that Alicia C. is definitely sensitive. At times, especially in very early years, you may see evidence that Alicia C. is uncomfortable around new people or in different environments, and the underlying cause is sensitivity to the "vibrations." Everything alive has a kind of vibratory rate, and as a "water child', Alicia C. is acutely aware of these vibrations. There's also an ability to sense the underlying quality of emotionally charged situations is also evident. Watch out! Since there can also be a high impressionability and even deceptiveness associated with strong water, since it can easily conform to whatever (or whomever) is around. However, the most notable personality trait may be a strong tendency to nurture others and a keen sensitivity to the feelings of other. Encouraging artistic or creative expression is helpful, particularly if this can be experienced as pure fun and not a "judged" activity. Also, encouraging Alicia C. to trust her intuitive sense of things will strengthen confidence and enhance creativity.

Since Fire is the least influential or lacking element in Alicia C.'s chart, there can be a tendency for Alicia C. to feel less confident and outgoing. Learning from enthusiastic teachers can, of course, be helpful. But to instill a sense of faith and trust, it's important to help Alicia C. build a positive foundation. Physical activity can be helpful, but the challenges need to be within the realm of the possible -- but still a challenge! If Alicia C. learns what it feels like to meet these challenges, then hope and optimism will be built. Teach Alicia C. to look for joy, and find plenty of reasons to celebrate!
There are three modes in astrology. These determine how a particular sign manifests its energy. These qualities -- known as cardinal, fixed and mutable -- have special meanings in astrology. Each sign or the zodiac correlates with one of three modes of action.

With an emphasis on Cardinal energy, Alicia C. likes to get things going! Cardinal energy is motivational. Much like the ignition of an automobile, the principle of cardinality is required to get things started. Initiative, assertiveness, ambition and independence are all cardinal qualities. The negative traits of impatience and restlessness can be strong, especially if Alicia C. is bored! And, Alicia C. is likely to have a strong desire to act without outside guidance..

In summary, if an element or mode is low or lacking, there's no reason to be highly concerned, but you can find creative ways to help Alicia C. compensate. Focusing on what the lack of any mode or element might mean for the child can prove beneficial, although this should not be interpreted as an actual "personality deficiency." Rather, understand that this could indicate either a tendency to overcompensate or to seek what is lacking in some way. As your child matures, you might discover that she is drawn to others who seem to possess the expressions of a quality that seems to be lacking in her own chart.

Moon Sign and Early Personality Development
Although most people are familiar with the concept of the Sun sign, a child expresses the qualities of the Moon sign more than the Sun sign during the earliest years. That's because the Moon tells the story of feelings and pure emotion. So, you might see more qualities that relate to this factor in Alicia C.'s chart during early childhood. Expressing the Sun requires more self-awareness, and that develops later!
Keep in mind that Alicia C. is NOT a blank slate! These drives and expressions can be nourished and supported by understanding family and teachers, helping Alicia C. make the most of these "ingredients" in her developing personality!

Alicia C. is a social creature. With the Moon in Libra, Alicia C. is happier and feels most secure when someone else is around. Emotional stability is balanced by another person, and decisions are more easily made when confirmed by others (even if it's only a knowing nod).

The way Alicia C. might like to be perceived, what she needs to feel motivated toward achievement and what makes her feel significant and special in the world shines through her Sun. While the full expression of Alicia C.'s ego takes quite some time to develop, certain qualities will definitely be apparent, even early on. However, this aspect of the personality will be more apparent after the earliest years. 

Childhood years may be long-remembered, since Alicia C.'s Cancer Sun stimulates a special fondness for family and the associated experiences that identify family ties. As a baby, Alicia C. prefers close physical contact and may be fussy in the presence of strangers, since the familiar comforts of Mom, Dad or siblings is much more soothing. Then, as a toddler, there may be a dislike for separation from family or home, and Alicia C. may be especially clingy when Mom needs to leave for work or errands. If there's a safe, comfortable substitute, Alicia C. can just as readily seek shelter in that familiarity. (Mother does not always know this as she walks away to the sound of sad whimpers.) During elementary school years, attachments to teachers are the norm, although working with parents on school projects can be the stuff that makes lifetime memories. Alicia C. will also want to invite playmates to share family gatherings when friendships grow strong. However, during preteen years, Alicia C. can be especially moody as hormonal changes flood her with unfamiliar emotions. Maintaining open lines of acceptance, understanding and communication is absolutely necessary.

Another prevailing quality that's likely to emerge in Alicia C.'s early years in shown by the sign on her Ascendant, or Rising Sign. In childhood, the Ascendant and the 1st House signify Alicia C.'s physical appearance and how other people view her. After all, most of us have our self-image shaped by what other people tell us about ourselves. Most important, the Ascendant (ASC) represents Alicia C.'s basic attitudes and herself, and how she presents herself to the world. The significance of environmental conditioning in Alicia C.'s developing personality is shown by the Ascendant. 

With Libra rising, Alicia C. can express charm, grace and consideration toward others. She loves to feel beautiful. Boys and girls alike may have a strong idea of personal image, even at a young age, and will appreciate taking part in choosing wardrobe and colors. However, Alicia C. can be too eager to please and may be insecure in competitive situations.

II. Nurturing Intellectual and Physical Health and Development
Every parent watches for the signals that indicate a child's intellectual and physical progress. From baby's first words to performance in school, development is noted and records are kept. Providing the stimulus that will strengthen mental and physical development is up to parents, teachers and society. Of course, ultimately, a child will master the experience of learning! 

There are many factors involved in intellect -- the ability to conceptualize, the communication of concepts and thoughts, memory, creative ideas, the application of rational thought, judicial thinking, decision-making, speculative thought and more. In order to be whole, the child must achieve a balance between the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual parts of the Self; only then can the power of the intellect be used to its utmost. Otherwise, the mental capacities are likely to be overemphasized or misdirected in order to compensate for under development in some other area.

One important factor in a developing intellect is the nature of the thought patterns themselves. Here, the Moon plays yet another role beyond that of emotional storage house. Through the Moon, a child's unique experiences are stored in the vaults of the subconscious mind. However, the Moon also shows the basic manner in which a child absorbs information. With the Moon in an air sign, Alicia C. is likely to think in a more abstract manner. Concepts like logic, mathematics and music can be more easily grasped. Social interaction is another key to learning, although reading can also be enjoyable, especially if it's shared.

In addition, since the Moon represents the basic thought patterns, the Moon's speed (or rate of travel) fundamentally affects a child's approach to learning. The Moon moves at variable speeds in her rotation around the Earth.

At the time of her birth, the Moon was moving at faster than average speed. Psychologically, this indicates a tendency for Alicia C. to have an eagerness about confronting life experiences. New situations can seem more like a fun-oriented challenge, and are likely to be preferred over the status quo. Alicia C. may also exhibit a tendency to jump into unfamiliar surroundings, often spontaneously or with little preparation. This can also indicate a tendency to feel frustrated with the necessity for lengthy study or research, especially if the material is not interesting! In such circumstances, forgetfulness can be a problem unless Alicia C. learns to use associations which help her retain information.

As a small baby Alicia C. began to explore and learn about her personal environment through the five senses, and these are represented by the energy of Mercury. Over time, the senses are used in a more refined manner, and as the mind gains the ability to integrate more and more information, learning increases. Mercury shows how Alicia C. communicates those thought patterns -- how concepts are framed and also how they are expressed through communication. The years of Mercury's heightened developmental cycle are from age seven to thirteen, when the connections between a child and her world are powerfully shaped. Language is mastered; communication skills are refined. It is during these years, that Alicia C. will project the qualities of Mercurial energy more strongly.

Alicia C. has Mercury in Gemini -- showing a quick, witty and easily distracted approach to learning. A trivia-gatherer, Alicia C. likes to learn a little about a lot. Think of Mercury in Gemini as the "butterfly mind," highly curious, interested in variety. Word games can be a favorite. As a baby, this child may try at least two sensory impressions at once to get a better sense of anything. Later, focus can be a problem, especially if she is bored with a subject or situation.

With Mercury and Saturn in sextile aspect, Alicia C. will enjoy the experience of building knowledge and training the mind. Memory can be a talent, and the ability to interrelate concepts and ideas is excellent. With applied effort, she can develop a sharp, reliable memory. Even at a young age, Alicia C. may enjoy sharing what she has learned with others and can be an excellent teacher.

With Mercury in square aspect to Uranus Alicia C. may need to learn focus, since a kind of mental hyperactivity is present. While learning can be pure joy, moving quickly is important. For this reason, she may seem to skip through the more tedious subjects, simply content to arrive at the right answer. Unusual subjects will be fascinating, and ultimately a desire to learn about anything may develop. In early years, provide ample reading material, but also give Alicia C. early access to computers. Meanwhile, encourage organized study habits to provide the kind of structure for this likely brilliant child to shine. Sometimes, a learning disorder can be suggested by the Mercury-Uranus square. If a parent or teacher is concerned that she is displaying keen intellect but not doing well with school, testing for certain "processing" aberrations could be Alicia C.'s saving grace. However, she does have a highly inventive mind. Mental exhaustion can quickly develop if she does not rest.

It's Alicia C.'s Mercury's in quincunx aspect to Neptune that adds a desire to think creatively and there may be a keen interest in music, photography and the arts. Encourage these expressions. However, Alicia C. is also likely to miss important details or may lack motivation if a subject requires extra effort. With time and patience, she can develop a keen mind, and there may simply be some adjustments to be made. Sensory input can be a problem, too -- so check vision intermittently throughout childhood years, since Alicia C. may not necessarily give an indicator to parents or teachers that she is not seeing well. After all, sight is subjective, and if one's vision is compromised it's sometimes difficult to tell since the points of reference are fuzzy!

With Mercury in square aspect to Pluto, Alicia C.'s mental persistence can be exceptionally strong. When she wants to know something, very little will stop the quest. However, there is a tendency toward developing dogmatic and compulsive thinking, and if teachers or parents instruct her in prejudicial thinking or instill ideas which are destructive, Alicia C. may carry them too far. I have seen this aspect present in children who have some learning disabilities or sensory impairment, but the capacity to overcome such deficiencies is amazing.

Mercury in the 9th House can stimulate an early interest in self-expression and communication skills. Exploring and learning foreign languages can be a boost to Alicia C.'s intellectual growth. Writing, public speaking, debate and philosophy can be of special interest. Travel may also be fascinating, as can the study foreign language and history. In fact, travel may increase her learning capacity, and cultural interests can be an especially important way to increase Alicia C.'s intellectual diversity.

Jupiter and Learning
Another factor involved in Alicia C.'s learning styles and needs is symbolized by Jupiter. These qualities are initially experienced through the encouragement of teachers and guides, but ultimately, Jupiter shows how Alicia C. will express confidence and what types of stimulation will build her learning skills. Alicia C.'s Jupiter in Virgo suggests that Alicia C. will be able to adapt well to the work involved in completing her educational endeavors. She may actually be interested in developing good study habits! Attention to detail, grammar and precision may be notable.

Encouragement and testing are two different things. Small children do not like to be tested -- life is enough of a test for them! They do enjoy learning, but need to be encouraged to learn at their own pace. Finding that pace is one of the primary tasks of parents and teachers. Watch for signs that tell you when Alicia C. is comfortable with a situation, and ready to push beyond it. Then, offer stimulation of that expression by setting fresh goals and opportunities to learn and develop the mind.

Finding Fun and Encouraging Physical Development
There are many factors that indicate particular needs in regard to physical health. However, I feel that specific strengths and weaknesses and their care are best dealt with in greater depth using refined astrological techniques beyond the scope of this reports. But one feature of childhood we can explore is where to find play and recreational activities that might be most comfortable and enjoyable for Alicia C.. The planet Mars represents physical energy -- it's the fuel that is needed to keep the physical engine running! Mars' sign and house placement gives good clues about a child's preferences for play and activity, including sports and approach to fitness.

Alicia C.'s favorite forms of recreation and sports can include swimming, surfing, water skiing, scuba diving, tai kwan do, karate, golf, fly-fishing, boating, snorkeling, folk dancing, and belly dancing!

With Mars in the 9th House, Alicia C. functions best in situations which are inspirational. Team sports can be great fun, but she may also enjoy martial arts or other sports which are linked with philosophical values and ideals in some way. Olympic sports events can be especially uplifting and may even draw Alicia C.'s interest if she excels in any particular sports.

III. Embracing Emotional Drives and Needs
At different stages and ages Alicia C. is developing different parts of herself. One reason childhood astrology is different from adult astrology is that a child is in the process of "becoming". Anyone who's been around children knows that at some stages of development a child is more susceptible or emotionally vulnerable, and that these needs and sensibilities change as a child matures. After all, a baby struggles each day to deal with a difficult-to-control body, but an elementary school age child is struggling with early social relationships. Each of the planets represents a different emotional need and expression, but some planetary symbols are more emotionally charged than others. 

There are myriad possibilities, but Alicia C.'s chart illustrates the potential emotional strengths and weaknesses, and the areas in her life where there can be greater vulnerability. It is important to explore these concepts through a lens of objectivity, since when dealing with psychological and emotional issues with our children we're likely to run into our own issues as part of the process! 

Alicia C.'s most powerful emotional needs are symbolized by the Moon, which is the primary indicator of early psychological development. These needs remain with Alicia C. throughout life, continually growing and evolving. The Moon symbolizes the reflective nature of humanity. It is the absorbing, subconscious mind and reflects the needs of the soul. This is the matrix from which habit patterns emerge. Moon is Mother -- who provides nurturing, comfort and security. Mother is the model for a child's developing sense of how she will nurture and care for others, and, most importantly, how Alicia C. will nurture herself. Even as a baby, Alicia C. has had a strong inner awareness of what is happening. As she grows, more information is absorbed and stored in Alicia C.'s subconscious mind, and deeper awareness of her feelings also grows. The Moon also indicates basic patterns of conditioning drawn from life experiences and filtered through the qualities of the Moon. 

With Moon in Libra, Alicia C. needs to feel peaceful, and also needs to feel equal to (or better than) everyone else. Because of this need, Alicia C. may spend too much time comparing herself with others rather than setting goals for personal development. Sometimes, Alicia C. feels a sense of inferiority, since the need for perfection and balance in all things is very strong. Emotions tend to vacillate in an attempt to maintain that balance. Consistency in the external environment is important. Alicia C. needs to be able to relate to someone else, and will feel more secure when she has companions. Refinement is required even in childhood. Alicia C. may have very high standards!

Alicia C. needs to be noticed and likes to be in the company of others, since the Moon in the 1st House brings emotional security needs into the expression of personality. Alicia C. can be self-absorbed, but will learn to move beyond that by extending emotional sensitivity toward others. Relationships with grandparents are exceptionally significant for this child. Emotions will have a powerful impact on health.

With the Moon in a square aspect to Venus, Alicia C. may display an increased emotional vulnerability. While she can be very affectionate and caring, she may be afraid to risk leaving one situation and going on to another. This is the "having my cake and eating it too" aspect. Emotional manipulation of others can result, but usually as a mechanism to assure that she will be safe -- no matter what. Learning to be honest about feelings can be difficult, since needs for immediate gratification can become a substitute for developing truly close bonds and fulfilling needs in a more healthy manner.

Alicia C.'s Moon and Mars in a square aspect can indicate that there are huge levels of frustration when it's time to deal with the development of assertiveness and courage. In essence, this aspect indicates strong levels of emotional sensitivity, but it's a hair-trigger kind of sensitivity. Helping Alicia C. stay in touch with deeper feelings and needs and finding healthy ways to meet or express those needs is absolutely crucial. Bottling-up anger is never a good idea, but for Alicia C., it can create a potential powder-keg. She can also be very manipulative, and seems to know how to push everybody else's buttons.

There are positive outlets for this, but emotional blackmail is not one of them. Vestiges of this kind of behavior need to be addressed early and with some gentility. If Alicia C. receives hostile responses, she may accelerate the hostility instead of containing it. Positive affirmations of Alicia C.'s strength and security are the core remedies for the more volatile side of this energy pattern.

The energy of the Sun is tied to the development of individuality and the sense of identity. The individuality of the Sun begins to emerge once a child has developed enough mastery over basic bodily functions so that she can start paying more attention to the outside world. The Sun is a major factor in determining, "Who am I?" This radiance of Self really becomes focused once Alicia C. is relating to others on a more frequent basis, especially during the school years. 
Alicia C. is a Cancer, basically described in the Underlying Personality section of this report. However, there are factors which alter Alicia C.'s expression and development of her Sun.

There is a conflict between the subconscious needs and the outside world, since Alicia C. has the Moon in square aspect to the Sun. Alicia C. may feel pressured to act in a way she does not like, resulting in upset emotions. Usually, this pressure results from wanting something she does not really need. This can be difficult to resolve if there are mixed messages from Mom and Dad, leaving Alicia C. feeling caught in the middle of parental disputes or differences. She may feel that it's impossible to please both parents. It's also conceivable that Alicia C. will learn early on how to manipulate both parents, so that if one does not give her what is wanted, she will go to the other or play one against the other in some way! If parents "cooperate" in this kind of behavior, the child may ultimately have difficulty integrating the masculine and feminine aspects of her psyche, since one always seems to be pitted against the other. Additionally, this can lead to problematic relationships later in life. Surrounding Alicia C. with clarity and honesty will help immensely.

With Sun conjunct Mars, Alicia C. can have a highly competitive, and sometime belligerent, nature. She likes to win, and it can be difficult for her to learn that meeting a challenge can be just as important as coming out in first place. Impatience and a fiery temperament are key emotional qualities, and it may take a number of years before Alicia C. figures out the relationship between impulsive action and potential destructive results. Parents need to encourage sports or other arenas where she can exercise and develop a positive competitive spirit.

Mercury is not traditionally considered an emotional expression. However, Mercury's role in the expression of feelings is highly important. Mercury represents the function of articulation of ideas and feelings and influences how we communicate them. After all, most of us are more comfortable if we can talk about our emotional experiences to someone special. A child needs to feel that she can talk about anything with her parents, and that it is okay to share feelings and ideas. When a child is not given opportunities to communicate her emotional needs, she can develop problems communicating almost anything else! Mercury's function in our lives is to link internal processes to the external world, and one of the most important inner links is the experience of sharing emotion.

Alicia C. takes communication seriously, since Mercury and Saturn are connected. However, the primary emotional implication from this connection is that Alicia C. may worry excessively. Help her appreciate the realism of situations, but also encourage her to rest and relax the mind. Teach positive thinking!
Even at an early age, Alicia C. may have very different ideas and ways of communicating than most of her friends. Sometimes these unusual thoughts can be alienating. The connection between Mercury and Uranus can stimulate a feeling that she is "weird." If parents and teachers can show Alicia C. how to use these original thoughts creatively, she will have more confidence in her creative ideas. Reinforcing trust of the intuitive mind is also helpful.

Imaginative stories and ideas are never lacking for Alicia C.. The connection between Mercury and Neptune stimulates a need to reach into the imaginative realm with the mind. Magical thinking is part of childhood, and should definitely be encouraged. However, Alicia C. may not like it when fantasy and reality collide! It's important that parents and family eradicate certain childhood myths in a gentle manner, but also that they teach Alicia C. that imagination can be a very good thing. Parents can listen attentively to the tall tales, appreciating Alicia C.'s imaginings, but need to encourage her to tell the truth when relating actual events! Parents also need to be aware that the cute little "stories" told at age five, if left uncorrected, can leave the impression that Alicia C. can lie without being caught. This could lead to socially unacceptable behavior later on.

Alicia C. can feel a compelling sense of urgency to express thoughts, since Mercury and Pluto are connected. This is helpful when solving mysteries or doing scientific research, but it can make honest emotional communication difficult. Parents and friends may often be met with silence if Alicia C. simply does not want to communicate. If there is communication, it can be irritatingly manipulative if she feels that keeping a secret is important in a particular situation. In fact, Alicia C. may fear that telling it all would undermine her power in certain situations. It can be helpful if parents can work with her to gain an understanding that sharing ideas and feelings can enhance Alicia C.'s command of a situation. But be careful, since this child may be intellectually ruthless toward the self, and can feel assaulted if the ideas or thoughts she expresses are harshly criticized. Accepting changes in attitudes and ideas is absolutely necessary for Alicia C., and learning to allow others to have different ideas will go a long way toward assuring that she will be much more positively influential as an adult.

Self-esteem is another part of Alicia C.'s psychological make-up. Venus describes the needs for love and value systems, along with self-worth. Artistic expression can be part of this emotional outlet, and this is Venus in action. Selfish behavior can be Venusian, too, and most small children show Venus through their particular expression of selfishness and their ultimate struggle to allow Venus to evolve as they develop the capacity to learn to share. You'll see Venus expressing in a more outgoing manner after about age four, when Alicia C. may finally want to give something to another person. But the full involvement of Venusian development is during the teen years, when "falling in love" becomes a reality. But, regardless of Alicia C.'s age, she needs to feel love from others to encourage growth on every level, including the growth of self-esteem.

Alicia C. vibes in on all the delicious things of life with Venus in Cancer. Warm hugs, good food, family dinners -- all these comfort experiences are the realm of Cancerian Venus. During childhood, she may thoroughly enjoy cooking and gardening as part of play. Keepsakes are meaningful even in the early years, and shows of tenderness are always appreciated. Alicia C. may adore stuffed animals, and might also like to start a collection of some sort.

Alicia C.'s Mars shows when she expresses anger and personal strength. As Alicia C. grows up, the way she shows personal assertiveness will be developed. 

With Mars in Cancer, Alicia C. is most comfortable in circumstances which are non-confrontational. Sports may not be enjoyable if injury is a possibility, since she really does not like getting hurt. If she gets into an argument or brawl with anyone, she can become exceptionally upset emotionally and will need time to cool down and get settled. However, Alicia C. will enjoy learning ways to experience her strength. For that reason, encouraging physical activities which allow her to establish a sense of control over the physical plane can be quite valuable.

Alicia C. may not demonstrate the energy of Uranus until teenage years, since this quality is part of the expression of uniqueness, ingenuity, and rebellion. It's usually outwardly expressed in teen years as part of a teen's uprising against the status quo. Uranus spends about seven years in one sign, and is one of the planetary energies that identify qualities of a generation. Alicia C. was born when Uranus was in Virgo (1962-1969), and is part of a generation rebelling against the old way of doing things. With the Virgo credo, "there has to be a better way," this generation will be highly adept at creating and using innovative tools. However, there can also be a tendency to go too far with that fix-it attitude.

But the personal expression of Uranian energy is most likely to be seen in the arena of life most influenced by this planet. Uranus in the 12th House stimulates powerful imagination and creativity. However, she may not be able to actualize that creativity without some outside stimulus, especially if she feels shy or uncertain about it. Encourage Alicia C. to talk about her dreams, and give her plenty of room to exercise a very active and innovative fantasy life.

Another significant, but emotionally charged, generation-oriented quality is the energy of Pluto. Pluto represents the deepest reservoirs of emotional energy, and is not a quality openly expressed in childhood. However, when a personal planet or angular point in a chart is connected to Pluto, then this profound level of emotional and transformational energy is easier to see. Pluto also represents deep-seated anxieties or fears, which are, for lack of a better description, absorbed into the psyche.

For a child, it's virtually impossible to direct an awareness of this energy, since the personal self must be well developed before knowledge of this esoteric plane of consciousness awakens. In fact, most adults have difficulty with this part of the self! Although the energy of Pluto may be felt during the childhood years, it is not usually a conscious expression at this time. 

Pluto moves very slowly through the zodiac, and its sign tells more about the transformational influence Pluto will have on that particular generation than it will about the changes in the individual. Alicia C. was born at a time when Pluto was in Virgo (1957-1971), and is part of a generation saddled with the task of repairing the trauma created by previous generations. Whether trauma to the Earth or the individual, there is a strong drive to see the whole picture. Ranging from integrating holistic and alternative health techniques to simplifying lifestyles, this generation will also have to deal with the questions of genetic engineering.

As with the other transpersonal planets, the House position of Pluto is the area of life where you help Alicia C. get in touch with a need for healing and transformational change. With Pluto in the 12th House, Alicia C. may not trust that her dreams are okay, and will need validation that bringing her imaginings into the world can be a good thing. Give Alicia C. plenty of space for secrets and ample opportunities for time alone. Also encourage her to share fantasies in some way, and be sure to be open about discussing dreams or nightmares!

You've discovered that the Ascendant is like the window-dressing or mask of the personality, but connections from planets to the Ascendant can also alter how Alicia C. expresses her emotional self.

With the Sun in a frustrating contact with the Ascendant, Alicia C. may want to be noticed, but can be a bit awkward about drawing attention. Developing a healthy self-image may require extra support and understanding, since she can sometimes feel like she sticks out "like a sore thumb."

The Moon's connection to the Ascendant adds a receptive quality to Alicia C.'s personality. She can also feel self-protective or a bit shy, since there's greater emotional sensitivity to what others think about her. Her emotions are more noticeable.

Alicia C. may be physically attractive with Venus aspecting the Ascendant, but since this connection is a frustrating one, she may have conflicts about this. If too much emphasis is placed on physical appearance, it can have a detrimental affect on self-esteem. However, if too little emphasis is placed on knowing what is appropriate for a particular situation, then self-esteem can also be damaged. It's more about establishing a positive gauge between a loving, helpful attitude than about wardrobe!

With Mars in a dynamic contact with the Ascendant Alicia C. may have an abrasive edge to the personality. While feeling strong and powerful is part of this contact, and physical prowess may be a healthy thing to develop, learning appropriate boundaries for personal strength can take some time. She may act with too much hostility, and needs to learn how to handle angry feelings so that she does not invite other to attack.

Sometimes, planets appear to move backward in their orbital path from our viewpoint here on Earth. When that happens, we say a planet is retrograde. 

Neptune's energy draws us into the inner self where we dream, visualize, imagine and escape. Since Alicia C. has Neptune retrograde, this introspective energy is more deeply sensitized. There can be an intensified desire to escape the ordinary world and its pressures. It's absolutely necessary that Alicia C. learns positive uses of creative imagination. Plus, she can struggle to distinguish the difference between physical plane reality (what we usually think of as "real") and the world of imagination or illusion. Imagination should certainly be encouraged, but in ways that are constructive to Alicia C.'s growth. 

Neptune's house placement will indicate the area in which Alicia C. needs a creative escape and how she can be effective in using her imagination. Farrah Fawcett, Yoko Ono, and Ralph Waldo Emerson were all born with Neptune retrograde at birth.

IV. Fostering Creativity and Spirituality
Children seem to be inherently connected to spiritual awareness and expression. Their joy in the daily discoveries of life can be infectious, and a child's sense of wonder brings light into life. To help a child find Truth and embrace a sense of The Divine, very little encouragement is needed. But it is necessary to support this natural connection, and can make all the difference in Alicia C.'s ability to trust herself. 
One of the most significant ways to help Alicia C. awaken and touch Spirit is to foster her creativity. It's not necessary for every child to be a consummate artist, but each child needs room to experiment with the creative self. There are several factors in the astrological chart that support the development and expression of personal creativity.

Beyond education and development of the intellect in a more formal sense, Mercury plays an important role in self-expression. After all, this is the energy of linking ideas and concepts from the inner self to the outside world -- and back again! One of the creative influences of Mercury in Gemini can be developed in the early years by encouraging artistic play with the hands themselves, since manual dexterity can be quite exceptional. Making shadow puppets with the hands can be marvelous fun, and later, finger puppets. As she grows Alicia C. might have a penchant for prestidigitation (magic tricks) and more advanced puppetry! Also, this is sometimes an indicator of a talent with writing. In music, guitar and stringed instruments played with the hands themselves may become favorite forms of expression.
Venus, the expression of artistry, is, of course, an important part of creativity. This is the energy through which Alicia C. experiences and expresses feelings. In many respects, while the Moon represents "feeling," Venus represents "emotion" -- which is the voice of feeling. Venus also represents beauty, a quality deep within which every child needs to feel, identify and express. 

Encourage Alicia C. to get in touch with expressions that feel good to her heart! Special talents and creative interests can include a wide range of activities that involve deeper emotional expression. She will be most interested in creative activities that incorporate a feeling of nurturance, like cooking or gardening. So, even in early years, invite Alicia C. to share in these daily activities, but make a special time for the more creative side of these abilities to develop. Knitting and sewing might be fun, but should be encouraged gradually to avoid frustration with the detailed elements. In the arts, a love of water colors may be present, which can start with finger painting, and then move on to more skilled expressions as she grows. Photography can be a special joy, too. Music, particularly singing, can be a special area of talent. Then, skills in jewelry making (especially with silver) might grow if, early on, kits are made available, and then a chance to collect special items for use will be fun. Play with dolls can lead to an interest in doll-making or designing clothes or settings for dolls or bears.

Venus in the 10th House shows a desire to develop an artistic career, or at least have some public exposure of Alicia C.'s artistic talents. Approval from family is very important, and pleasing teachers may also be crucial to encouraging her talents. She may also be gifted directing the efforts of others.

Alicia C.'s connection between the Sun and Venus indicates that self-expression may be tempered by a natural sense of grace and a certain quality of personal style. There may be a natural charm and a refined, artistic manner noticeable even in early years, although this is most likely to develop during young adult years. With this aspect, Alicia C. may be uncertain about her creative potential, since there is a strong need to please and to be liked that can add hesitation ("does someone else approve?"). Once approval is sensed or granted, there is the potential for a dramatic quality in whatever form of artistic expressions Alicia C. develops. Acting, public speaking or modeling might be enjoyable.

Since Alicia C. has a tense Moon-Venus square, there may be a strong need for approval and also a sense of inferiority or lack of perfection which can block the creative flow. However, Alicia C. may be very artistic and will be likely to crave experiences which feed that artistic sensibility. There is a strong desire to perfect skills and talents, but positive motivation and encouragement are also very important. Timing is also crucial, since forcing too much before she is ready can quickly undermine confidence.

Venus-Mars contacts give an assertive, direct quality to the creative flow. Since Alicia C. has Venus in conjunction with Mars, there is a very strong energy directed toward creativity. There may be exceptional talent in dance, drums, percussion, or athletics. In visual arts, Alicia C. will be boldly expressive.

To get past purely self-centered awareness, the expansive energy of Jupiter encourages a child too reach out and expand her personal universe. Through Jupiter, Alicia C. can begin to build a basic philosophy of life, and exercise her sense of hope and vision. The need to reach out and give is Jupiter in action, but so is enthusiasm. Most important, when Alicia C. is in touch with Jupiter, she is inspired! Here is the desire to grow, to reach into new horizons, to feel adventure and joy. While it may take a lifetime to develop a personal philosophy or explore religious teachings, during childhood, Alicia C. does feel wonder about universal principles, a Higher Power, and endless questions called, "Why?" 

Moral questions flow through the realm of Jupiter, and learning higher principles through inspiring teachers and mentors is another outpouring of this energy. It is generally not until a child has developed some measure of cognitive skill that the awareness of Jupiter can be taught. During elementary school and preteen years, this energy begins to flourish. Jupiter is a function of the higher mind, the part of our consciousness that can connect with the Divine. The early awareness of Jupiter deals primarily with the concepts of sharing, positive thinking, enthusiasm and hope for reward.

Alicia C. will appreciate the spiritual support gained through a community. Jupiter's position in the 11th House adds a quality of joy and enthusiasm for spiritually significant experiences shared with others whose ideals are similar. She may enjoy experiences like Sunday School since sharing lessons with friends can feel especially self-confirming. Sports may be an excellent way to learn generosity of spirit and cooperative attitudes, and the higher ideals of sportsmanship can be especially powerful in Alicia C.'s life.

Then, there is the world of dreams and imagination. Neptune's placement in the chart indicates the areas where a child dreams most easily. The sensitivity Neptune adds to life allows Alicia C. to connect with the spiritual, nonphysical realm. What child is not a master at make-believe? But this energy is also an expression of Divine Compassion, and it needs special support and nourishment during childhood. Encouraging Alicia C. to trust her dreams, while identifying the difference between the "real" and "imaginary" world can be quite a job. But it is a very important one, since walking between the inner world and the outside world requires special awareness. There is nothing inferior about imagination, nor is there anything wrong with beliefs, since there are many expressions of reality.
Another feature of this energy is the expression of charity. A child taught to give to others less fortunate is definitely a blessed child!

Because Neptune moves very slowly, it is another of the generation-focused planets. Other children Alicia C.'s age will likely have Neptune in the same sign. Alicia C. was born when Neptune was in Scorpio (1957-1970), and is part of a generation focused on uncovering the mysteries of human psychology. Neptune's expression of spirituality resonates through profound emotional issues, including a deep need to understand the ultimate challenges of life -- including birth, healing and death. Human sexuality and its many forms of expression is also a significant element for this generation, and the relationship between sexuality, spirituality and creative expression is powerfully linked. In addition, this generation may feel charged with the task of erasing old prejudices.

Neptune's placement in the chart shows the areas where a child can easily dream. This also provides indicators of the facet's of life where Alicia C. can feel a desire to let go or to exercise compassion toward others. The placement of Neptune in the 2nd House spurs Alicia C.'s imagination about what she wants, and learning to use imagination making things can be a great idea. Designing clothes for Barbie could be fun, or making a special nest for the pet hamster out of old cardboard could be a great exercise. She might also like to make things out of egg cartons or other "discarded" items. It's important that Alicia C. learn how to make the best use of all resources, since there can be a tendency to let valuable things slip through her hands. Later, be sure to teach lessons about money and attention to other resources.

V. Perceptions of the Parents
Guess what? You can tell how Alicia C. is likely to see her parents by looking at her own chart! Understanding how Alicia C. perceives Mom and Dad can be especially helpful, since what Alicia C. hopes to see and needs to experience from parents forms the basis of her sense of Self. 

When Alicia C. feels happy and full of joy, the world looks bright, too. But if Alicia C. is physically or emotionally low, her behavior and responsiveness suffer. In relationships with others, children and adults alike will project their feelings and perceptions onto other people. Alicia C. needs to experience herself through projecting her needs onto the people in her personal environment. In fact, the undeveloped Aspects of the Self are usually projected onto others as a means of "seeing" these feelings or needs manifested in some way. Projection is a key factor in human psychology.

In many instances, the other people are reasonable targets for those projections, especially if their connections are bound by emotions or other commitments. A child looks to Mother as the person who will reflect the nurturing feminine needs. Mother represents the inner feminine self for boys and girls alike. Alicia C. may even see things in Mother that Mother does not recognize as the way she is!
Alicia C.'s Moon sign shows how she perceives Mother. It makes no difference whether Mother sees herself in this light or not -- the child holds these particular perceptions what Mother needs to be because she is projecting her own inner needs for security onto her. As Alicia C. matures into adulthood, these perceptions determine how Alicia C. will play the nurturing and mothering role toward others.
Through Alicia C.'s eyes, Mother may be the personification of social grace, since the Moon in Libra projects beauty and interactive expressions onto Mother. Mother may seem especially exemplary to the child, symbolizing the ideal of true distinction.

With The Moon in a tense connection to Venus, Alicia C. may not be entirely comfortable with Mother. Part of the problem can be the feelings that Mother is difficult to please. Remember, this is a projection by Alicia C., whose self-esteem needs extra support. Encourage Alicia C. when she excels, offering appropriate praise. Just as important, be aware of how criticisms are presented, since Alicia C. may feel them very deeply.

Since the connection between Moon and Mars shows friction, Alicia C.'s feelings of anger are often projected upon Mother. If Alicia C. has a basically angry temperament, she needs positive directions for that anger through Mother's example. If Mother has difficulty expressing anger, then Alicia C. will feel a strong inner frustration with her own angry feelings. It's as though Mom throws water on the fire. Sometimes, Mother may seem to vicariously attempt to live her artistic fantasies through Alicia C.. If that is the case, Alicia C. can feel very frustrated by her attempts to express her own creativity while bound by the expectations and preferences of Mother.

The Sun, the primary masculine energy in the chart, is also described as a person's sense of "self". A young child has a very limited true sense of self, and is not likely to "own" these qualities until the preteen years or later. This sense of individuality may be strongly tied to the initial relationship with Father and, later, to interactions with other significant male figures. In early childhood development, Alicia C.'s Sun does not express fully as an individual ego. The Sun powerfully affects the child's perceptions of Father; if the father is supportive and consistent, Alicia C. may feel that his or her own individuality is reliable and strong. Alicia C.'s perceptions of Father are strongly symbolized by the energy of the Sun in the astrological chart. 

Father is seen as a nurturing caretaker, since Alicia C. tends to project the tender qualities of the Sun in Cancer onto Dad. The manner in which Father handles family tradition is very likely to be emulated by Alicia C., and the "passing of the torch" experiences in the family will have great meaning to her.

With Sun in the 9th House, Alicia C. sees Father as the ultimate spiritual teacher. Dad's approach to spirituality and his basic philosophy will be strongly imprinted in the consciousness of this child.

Then, there is a need for solidity, structure and safety -- and most children look to parents to establish this for them. A child is not capable of understanding the ways of the world, but will learn about them eventually. Nor does a child understand the need for limits. It's up to parents and teachers to set these limits and expose a child to the rules of life. These rules, tests and structures are identified by the energy of Saturn. 

There can be a downside, since Saturn energy feels judgmental and limiting much of the time, especially in childhood. Many children are anything but delighted at the prospect of being "responsible" -- that's what adults are supposed to be, not kids!

The placement of Saturn not only symbolizes the parents, but also authority in society. Saturn does not necessarily represent one parent or another. Here is discipline, structure, and stability. This is also tradition. For the better part, what Saturn symbolizes is the story of how Alicia C. needs to be stabilized and what she requires in terms of a sense of safety and security.

Saturn in Aries indicates an increased need to feel self-respect. Alicia C. may see parents as courageous and independent, and will appreciate parents who give her a chance to make a few mistakes without undue restrictions.

Saturn in the 7th House represents the need to learn how to honor promises. Alicia C. will look to the parents to see how they deal with commitments. Of course, promises made to her will be important indicators. However, Alicia C. will also pay attention to the way parents keep their obligations in society.

Ultimately, as Alicia C. moves through the various ages and stages of childhood, she will be able to incorporate all these qualities and expressions once seen through others, into herself. However, some vestiges of our childhood remain throughout a lifetime. Think of the concepts in this report as the building blocks for the person who will become Alicia C. through the course of these early years. And enjoy every moment of your journey together!

Text Copyright 2000 by Gloria Star. All Rights Reserved.