Composite Relationship Report

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Composite Relationship Horoscope for:

Albert Einstein
Alicia C. Katz

The composite Sun, like the Sun in a natal chart, is the heart of the relationship and its primary drive and focus. The sign in which it falls will color the entire relationship, as many of the important events in the relationship will occur when transiting bodies are in this sign. If it is strong in its house position and supported by good aspects from other bodies, the relationship will have a solid center and will tend to sustain itself despite the buffets of adversity. If it is poorly aspected or in a difficult house position, the relationship will be easily damaged and difficult to repair as the natural cyclical transits will tend to reinforce negative qualities of the relationship rather than positive. The Sun's primary quality is restorative drive, the general impetus toward life and its sustenance, rather than any specific traits or areas of endeavor such as are represented by the planets. Therefore its placement will tell the overall thrust and style of the relationship and how well it bears up under fire, rather than give the details of just how it will do so. A badly placed Sun can mean a relationship that is almost certain to fail, because wounds to the partnership won't heal themselves. A very well-placed Sun can mean a relationship that sustains and resuscitates itself so well that it may even be difficult to get out of should either partner choose to do so (as might be the case if the planetary aspects were very difficult or if the two natal charts themselves were in great conflict). It is the driving engine of the relationship and everything else orbits around it and derives life from its energy.

The composite sun in Taurus indicates a fairly robust, evenly-sustained kind of relationship where the partner's energies compliment and supplement each other so that when one tires the other is ready to pick up the slack. This is, at least, the inclination when other factors do not get in the way. It is the kind of relationship that may take a while to develop, but once established it will be solid and not easily interfered with. Because of this, it will also have a refreshing and sustaining quality that each of the partners can draw upon when times become uncertain. On the other hand, when it's time to make a fast move, this relationship may have difficulty getting up to speed in time, though once attained it can keep on going indefinitely. When sudden actions are in order, it may be best to let one partner handle it and bring in both when things are already satisfactorily underway. The relationship will be at its best when dealing with the concrete and tangible and will conversely tend to ground both partners when flights of fancy occasionally lead them off the deep end. Because of its tendency to perpetuate the current situation, this position is especially excellent if other factors in the chart are good but can cause problems if there are many there to begin with.

The Composite Moon
The symbolism of the composite Moon in a relationship is that of reflection - not in the sense of intellectual deliberation or thoughtful rumination but much more literally, reflective like a mirror. Whereas the Sun represents the primal, outgoing energy in the relationship, the Moon shows how the relationship reacts to situations once they have been presented to it. When someone approaches you with an idea, do you react to it, criticize it, laugh at it or with it? Steal it? Ignore it? Expand upon it? Extending this logic, it, of course means how you feel about a situation, the process and style in which your emotions are stirred. The things to which you react include each other, so the position of the composite Moon will be critical to the emotional well-being and functionality of the relationship, independent of your individual natures. Thus, a well-placed and well-supported composite Moon can lend clarity and cooperation to the most confused and befuddled people who might never expect to get along; whereas an afflicted composite Moon can throw dissension and conflict into the lives of the most well-adjusted and easy-going persons who normally get along with everybody. This is, of course, because this reflective, emotional effect is largely subconscious, and because it does not emanate from either of you in the usual way, you are unfamiliar with its style and rhythms. This accounts for a lot of the "magic" - both good and bad - that is associated with relationships. On the positive side, it can mean a relationship that seems to heal one or both of you and just makes everything go right that didn't before. This is a marvelous feeling but one that can lead to a mistaken dependency on your partner as the source of the improvement when it is actually the relationship itself that should get the credit. On the opposite side it can lead to mutual blame for making things worse when the fault lies with neither of you but in the structure of the situation itself. The great advantage of having the details of the composite chart available to you is that you can better differentiate the strengths and weaknesses of the situation from those which may lie within yourselves. The former you will have to work around on the exterior, the latter you will have to work from within. In tandem with the Sun, the Moon and its position will make or break most relationships. If the Sun and Moon are well-placed and well- aspected, the relationship is anything from a good bet to a sure thing, regardless of the other positions and problems that need to be worked out. If the Sun and Moon are badly positioned or afflicted, it will be an uphill fight all the way, and one that either or both of you may choose to set aside unless you feel compelled to spend a great deal of time, energy, and emotion rising to the challenge. Life is about choices, and here especially the composite chart can help supply the data you need to aid you in your selection.

This relationship has great potential power and intensity, but it is mixed with a special type of reserve and reticence that requires understanding in order for it to live up to its emotional potential. Above all, the way in which you react to situations is a mainstay of your power over others and each other, which makes it an area of great concern and of possible insecurity. Because you feel that much is at stake in the way you respond, you may withhold communication or commitment in order to play for a better position. This only serves to isolate and to build up emotion that needs a free channel to flow through, so you may be well-advised to be a little freer and be willing to take risks. Once cemented, however, your relationship will likely be long-lasting and deep, akin to comrades who have endured many battles together. In this respect, you will feel a passionate comradeship that in a physical relationship makes for greatly heightened sexuality and in everyday affairs produces do-or-die loyalty akin to none other. No danger is greater than that of betrayal, real or perceived, and the memory of such can linger on forever and poison a relationship or your mutual relationships with others. It is a good idea to remember that we all betray each other's trust at some time because of our innate human frailty and your greatest challenge will be to sort this out and be forgiving at every possible turn. By doing so, you allow yourselves, without remorse, to plumb ever deeper the still waters of your beings, hand in hand.

Mercury in the composite chart represents the mutual meeting of minds, or lack of it, between you. It also represents your ability to communicate to others as a couple or as individuals. In the first instance, in which the position symbolizes the shore between two intellects, it will be important to know what kind of communication goes on: by style, substance, and action (sign, house, and aspect). A well-placed Mercury will mean that you can put clearly into words what you mean to say to each other, and such a position can be of great help in alleviating emotional problems that may not easily come to the surface. If you can both say how you feel, you've gone a long way towards being able to change. On the other hand, a badly placed Mercury can have the opposite effect, stirring up emotional problems where there were none by simply getting communications wires crossed. In a professional relationship this can mean all sorts of pointless starts and stops because of faulty information, particularly in an increasingly information-oriented society. The position of Mercury therefore becomes increasingly critical in relationships in general. Its placement also describes how you communicate as a duo with the public at large, so herein lies further opportunities for good or ill. Well-placed, it will mean that you may be able to get yourself across to the world at large through the relationship rather than on your own. Where there are difficulties here, it may be better to speak your own piece and not let the relationship represent you. Nevertheless, knowing the situation in advance can help enormously, as you won't have to learn the communications value of the relationship by trial and error or blame each other for problems that arise from what is essentially a third party with its own horoscope, the relationship itself. Rather, you can take advantage of the best that it offers and avoid what looks like trouble by one or both of you pulling back on your own to handle problems the relationship does not cope with well.

Careful thought processes mark this relationship. You are less likely than most to jump to conclusions, intellectually at least, and are more likely to follow through with your notions once you have developed them to your satisfaction. This can make for an excellent business partnership, as you will avoid high-risk situations and will have the endurance to keep on plugging until every avenue for success has been explored. In this same vein, there is a certain streak of conservatism in your approach that may limit new worlds that might be available to you because of a disinclination to change the patterns of communications into which you have fallen. Here you may rely on each other individually to give the relationship a boost when it gets too bogged down. The bottom line for the two of you together will be common sense, whatever anyone else tells you, and if you follow your instincts, you will come out much better than tagging on to anyone else's flights of fancy however appealing or promising they may seem. Tried and true formulas may work the best, but remember that growth is an essential factor in stability, so make sure you keep trying out the latest variations so that you keep your forward motion. Others will find your word is to be relied upon, so you will find your ideas valued and respected (indeed, that may be part of their greatest value).

The planet Venus represents desire, attraction, what you physically and emotionally desire and as a composite position describes where your desires meet and either blend or conflict, or a bit of both. This is too often applied to love interests alone, although it covers them as well. It means everything you desire - money, position, beautiful things, property, friends, lovers, anything that you want and believe if you get it, will make you happy. It also has another side which is your ability to appear to provide just such fulfillment for others, thus symbolizing personal charm, beauty, attractiveness, wealth, and so on. It's the two-way wish fulfillment point where dreams are born. When this is viewed between two people as a composite point, it means how and whether you make each other's dreams, on a very basic level, come true. If badly placed, it can mean continual desire and constant disappointment. If strong by position, it will be a buttress to the relationship, as you know you will always get what you want when you come back to it. It is, of course, critical in telling how a sexual relationship will unfold and can spell repeated ecstasy or constant frustration, especially taken in tandem with composite Mars. It also represents how well the relationship as a whole will be able to realize its goals and desires, which will of course be directly connected with its ability to make itself desirable, both of which are described by this composite point. Thus, an afflicted composite Venus is a double indemnity, because it usually prevents either of you from getting what you want out of each other, and it means the relationship will not get what it wants, either. Conversely, a well-aspected composite Venus is like a gift from above, as it means mutual success and satisfaction all around. In judging the overall success of a relationship, this is indeed a very important position.

A wide variety of tastes will likely mark this relationship, which means you will always find something to satisfy whatever the situation. Moreover, given a multiplicity of choices, it may be difficult to settle on just what it is you want or like best. When it becomes difficult to follow through or when you run out of interest, set one or the other of you on the task, and let that one pursue it until your joint interest and commitment returns. From an exterior point of view, you may find that you have a charming ability to please everyone, mainly because of your tastes and your willingness to accommodate others and still take real pleasure in what is being achieved. If there is any potential problem in this, it comes from spreading yourself too thinly and trying to please too many at once without being able to spend enough time with each. The same goes for your ability to fully pull within your grasp that which you would like to possess - be careful nothing slips between your fingers while you are distracted by another. The ability to successfully pursue multiple desires is entirely within your potential, but it will largely depend on your ability to split your concentration, which can be helped by sharing responsibilities between the two of you.

Mars represents physical and emotional energy, and as such the ability and inclination to get things done, to fulfill desire by taking action. By itself it is really just raw energy, and its placement, particularly in relation to the other bodies in the chart, describes where and how well this energy will be directed. As a composite point, it describes how your two energy directions mesh and whether they will reinforce each other or simply get in each other's way. It will tell whether sparks will fly, igniting random and destructive brush fires, or whether a controlled fire will blossom that will become the engine to power and fulfill your desires under your own direction. Its relationship to Venus, particularly in sexual relationships, is critical, as it will describe whether it will fulfill or deny your sexual needs. In both male and female it describes sexual drive as well as assertiveness and ultimately, aggression. Thus, a well positioned composite Mars allows the two of you to unite your energies naturally toward whatever goal you choose, while a difficult placing will put your efforts constantly at odds, wasting your efforts in mutual conflict or confusion when you should be utilizing them otherwise. As with Venus, this can be the greatest natural blessing or a terrible stumbling block. A strong composite Mars can energize and focus two people who are otherwise at sixes and sevens with themselves, and a troublesome one can throw the most balanced performers into disarray as they wonder what hit them to throw them so off balance. Thus, it will be wise to understand this position well so as to know whether to ride it or back off. It will also portray the power potential of the relationship as it exists in the outside world. A strong Mars has the energy to carry others along with it, whereas a disabled one will tend to break down already functioning operations in the relationships' social surroundings. None of this suggests that a difficult Mars means you should forget about the relationship, however, as if one of you is simply put in charge in certain areas, mutually compartmentalizing the energy flow; the ill effect can be largely disenabled, albeit at the price of local inequality. It is something to be considered with care and attention, however, as herein lies much of your self-empowerment and control over your lives.

This relationship has a high burn level and through it you can implement your ideas and goals with great speed and energy. Where a fast, aggressive approach is needed the two of you can be leaders who are in there first with the most. Where love is concerned, a high level of physical passion is likely and you can reach peak levels of experience. But it is largely a matter of style, not content, so you have the choice of where to direct this energy, whether in physical, emotional, or even financial. The style itself, although quick to spring into action, is also quickly done with it, so you may find that maintaining staying power once you get involved in a situation may become a problem. Enthusiasm and energy can wane rather suddenly, leaving you without interest in accomplishing what may have been your entire purpose just a little while earlier. Here you may want to assign one of you individually or a third party to pick up where the two of you together lost strength or interest so that prospects do not meet a premature demise. This relationship has just the right stuff to get the job done, but in matters requiring a more sustained approach it will serve you well to bank your fires a bit or have some relief to fill in while you take a breather.

Jupiter in any chart represents the capacity for growth and expansion in relation to whatever it is connected. It means bigger, better, newer, faster, higher, and more developed. It is usually looked at only in the positive aspect, but it also has the potential to get out of hand if not checked and directed. The composite chart is the area that your mutual aspiration and inventiveness meet, a point where creativity is strong but which may or may not bring its potentials to fruition, depending upon its placement and how you handle it. Well-aspected it allows you to view realistically and act effectively upon what you determine together to make the relationship a spawning ground of limitless opportunity, more than either of you could manage separately. Debilitated, it can mean overblown expectations that come to nothing, biting off more than you can chew, situations that spiral out of control, and projects that perish under their own weight. But these ills aside, Jupiter usually does more good than harm and under most conditions it is the place to look for blessings. A solid composite Jupiter will mean that you can always look to the relationship to pull each of you up another step when you are stagnating and it will mean that others can look to the two of you for inspiration and new ideas. Where it is difficult, you will have to take the opportunity to restrain yourself now and again and develop only that which you think you can use at the time to avoid wasting your energies on unrealizable goals. It will show you where the big picture is and provide the kind of life overview which the relationship teaches that you might not have discovered on your own. It can be the force that carries you both away with each other and raises you to heights you didn't know you had. Its only danger is allowing the relationship to take over you as individuals. Use it as a resource for each of you to draw on, not the other way round, and it will always pay off for you.

Jupiter is in its own sign and with it brings all its native glory and possible perils to your relationship. You will find that you have access to unhindered growth in a wide variety of areas, and you can develop together at any pace you decide to set. If you don't, circumstance will usually pick the fastest and largest one and you can find yourselves running behind trying to catch up if you're not careful. On the inside, you are likely to believe you can handle anything together as long as you are sincere and keep good company. This is true, but also remember that anyone's capacity to absorb experience is limited and the more you try to take in, the less you absorb or learn for later recall. Better to pace yourself and make sure you've really gotten all the benefit out of one stage before you move on to the next. The same goes for entering new fields of endeavor together: get really good at one thing before you move on to the next, because the earlier serves as the foundation for the latter; and down the road you can get in over your head if you haven't thoroughly taken care of business in earlier developments. Whatever the outcome, with this position the process will feel good and your general direction will tend to be upward.

Saturn is usually considered the bugbear among planets and has an evil reputation that it only partially deserves. It is associated with restriction, contraction, dearth, debilitation, and a host of other adjectives that add up to not getting what you want. That is, however, only partly true. It might be better to say that it describes extreme delineation, concreteness, and finality - reality in the most concrete sense. Much of our lives are comprised of hopes, plans, desires, dreams, wishes, and expectation, and Saturn describes what actually becomes of them. So in such a goal-oriented, future-driven society as ours, what actually happens is all too often a disappointment, the result of failed unrealistic expectations. Thus, Saturn in the composite chart is where you both get down to brass tacks and determine (or have determined for you) what actually is to be. If this point is well-situated, it means that you can rely on each other and the relationship as something that delivers every time. It will lend solidity to the relationship and make it something you can lean on when either of you need to be backed up. It will also make the two of you a haven for others in distress. In a difficult position, it will mean that you tend to fail each other, to bring each other down, and to sap each other's energies physically or emotionally. In this situation it can highlight the insecurities of the relationship and mark for failure what might otherwise have succeeded. But in either situation, like any other planet, it will not touch every aspect of the relationship and so you are free to be selective if you know what areas it is either supporting or restricting. You want to know what the bottom line is everywhere, however; and that is what Saturn will tell you. But you don't have to invest in stocks you think are going to depreciate, either. If you recognize early what the downsides and the support pillars of the relationship are, you can use one to stand on while you either avoid or make repairs upon the other at your leisure. If you do not, ignorance is the ally of the dark side and it will have much greater power to pull you in and cripple you. Find your foundation stones early, so your house will not be built upon sand; and, in time, your temple will rise to the skies.

In this relationship you may find that together you have a very swift and aggressive form of attack. When you disapprove of something, there will be no doubt about it and no one left wondering where you stand. As long as you make sure you're right, then go ahead, this will be a very useful trait, but should you shoot from the hip you're likely to miss the mark and wound each other or someone else with comments that might be inappropriate or emotionally scathing. This applies to times when you are in the right as well. Criticism, especially when justified, is very difficult for most people to take and thus usually needs to be dealt with a delicate hand. When aggressive surgery of a business or even social nature is in order, this relationship has the style for it, but when more diplomatic moves are in order, it may be well to withdraw a bit rather than become identified as attackers. On the positive side, you will find that by exerting minimal, quick and positive action, you will achieve many good results. A good professional position, but one with cautions on the personal side.

Uranus is one of the three relatively recently-discovered outer planets, and all three are marked with a reality common to new experience and endeavor. They are not fully explored and thus not very much under our control. Uranus has been known the longest, (since 1786), and is a bit more familiar. It is associated with sudden events, shocks, realizations, discoveries, and other highly delineated events that sheer off quickly and completely from their previous states or surroundings. For creatures of habit, such as most of us are, this is usually upsetting and generally bad news. But it does not have to be. Your ability to use Uranus instead of letting it abuse you, is directly related to how flexible and quick on your feet you are. It also is linked to how willing you are to accept and welcome change as part of the nature of things. If you accept it grudgingly, then Uranus will always be a symbol of malice; if you welcome it with open arms, it will be a deliverance and an inspiration. In the composite chart, Uranus is where the two of you are repeatedly forced to rise to this occasion, and its contacts will tell in what areas of life it usually manifests. Well situated, it is a mutual window onto the future, flooding you both with light and clueing you into what is coming next. In such a position, it will make the relationship an eye-opener, which you come back to time and again for more. It will also tend to put you both ahead of the game emotionally and socially placing you in a leadership position among others where future thinking is concerned. In a difficult place, it will mean that you bring to each other incidents and accidents in areas where you are the most entrenched and you force each other to come to grips with ideas with which you refuse to deal. This can be a source of great mutual blame: "You made me get into this. If it weren't for you, this never would have happened. . . " and so on. This is particularly the case in sexual affairs in a society that is at heart so sexually conservative (even backward) and yet ruthlessly courts danger by flaunting it everywhere as if it were an everyday affair. Perhaps the only way to deal with this planet is to expect the unexpected, thus robbing it of harm and providing it with a welcome. If you are ready to harness it - like a wild horse - you can ride it far. If you turn your back, it will surely trample you. Where this occurs in the composite chart, keep your eyes wide open, your stance wide, and your tolerance level on maximum.

You may find that the path to self-discovery and the leaps you must make when you have to rearrange your thought patterns will be quite demanding and that you will have to pay particularly close attention or you won't get to first base. This means when there is a problem or a discontent due to some special need or viewpoint of the other, it needs to be addressed specifically and in detail, not glossed over in hopes that a quick fix will solve it or make it go away. Special care must be taken to apply maximum tolerance of each other here, as each other's peculiarities will need to be addressed. This means finding a lot out about your partner and accepting what you find with understanding and compassion, however different that might be from your own style or expectations. In an exterior mode, don't look for universal truths but find out what reality is in your own special cases. Most of all, don't be annoyed if you don't get it right the first time. Impatience, next to intolerance, can be your greatest enemy. With time, you can work out the details; and once you've got them down, they can take you far and serve as a special kind of bond unique to yourselves to further cement the relationship.

The effects of Neptune, another outer planet and a recent discovery, are often largely out of our control both by our unfamiliarity with its effects and the apparent nature of the planet which represents the uncertain, dreams, illusions, ideals, mystery, and the higher unexplored (and perhaps unexplorable entirely) plane of the spiritual world. Its nature is so uncertain, it's not even known exactly when it was discovered; various claims exist from 1810 all the way up to 1846, and we may never know for sure. It may be viewed from afar with a certain amount of analysis, however. When we find an area of mystery, it is our natural instinct to provide something to fill that void. Nature abhors a vacuum and our minds rush in to fill it with every kind of speculation and fantasy, if only to have something to act on in the area. Whatever is actually there will turn up eventually. In the meantime we provide ourselves with an image which may be close enough to the truth to better help us function or may be off in fantasyland and fail us utterly if we are unwise enough to lean on it. We know only in hindsight. Thus, in a composite chart, this point becomes the place where dreams, fantasies, hopes and ideals meet or clash, and inspire us or drag us down in confusion and conflict. Too many wars and personal battles have been fought over it needlessly, because none of these things actually existed until later. That's the crux of it: don't fight over what isn't there, at least not yet. Well placed, this planet will help you aspire to higher, more selfless goals but even they can make you take them more seriously than they are. Badly positioned, it can lead to lies, deceit, and mistrust based on mutual misreading of the unknown and the foolish action taken upon it. In the end, it is a gentle, diaphanous planet that can never be forced. Dreams and fantasies belong to each of you individually; and when they are similar enough to share, whether emotionally, sexually, spiritually, or even financially, they can be the greatest of joys. If one of you tries to enforce any of it on the other, however, everything will turn distasteful and there will be no dreams left; the mist will be blown away and only a charred landscape will remain. Where this point occurs, go gently, expect nothing, and everything will be returned to you.

Composites with this position have not occurred in the 20th century and will not occur until at least well into the 21st. It would be speculation, based on the information available, to comment on what they might have meant to another time and place so far from ours when in some cases Neptune was yet even to be discovered. We must stick to what we know best within the context in which we have real competence.

Of the three outer planets, Pluto is the most recently discovered (1930) and least subject to our control. As such, it is even considered the planet of power and control, ultimately because it so controls us in our attempt to overcome it. It is, of course, appropriately named after the ancient god of death, the thing which in the last analysis we cannot control; and at the most basic instinctual level, all the control we try to exercise in life is simply a ploy to cheat death a little longer. It is called the survival instinct. The point at which Pluto occurs in the composite chart is thus, at a deep level, where we meet in our ability to face death. But it doesn't manifest itself that way on the surface. Instead, it shows up as the methods we use to keep control in order to avoid the certainty of personal annihilation. Well placed, it will mean a partnership that simply doesn't worry about keeping in control of the situation, secure in the faith that things will take care of themselves and when it's time to go, you're in God's hands. In a bad place or aspect, it will mean continuous attempts to gain power over each other and the environment (according to aspect, sign, and house) and a penchant for compulsive behavior that easily gets out of control. Or, rather, it was never in control to begin with. In some instances, particularly sexual, this can be heightened to mystic proportions, and though it can be playing with fire it can also be very revelatory. Where prominently placed, for well or ill, it will give the relationship an aura of inescapability and predestination, something that sweeps over you both (like sex or death) and takes you out of yourselves. Similarly, you may find the relationship itself has something of this effect on others, giving you a greater power (a power which you must be careful not to abuse) over those around you. In the end, however, it is the willingness to relinquish control as well as take it that resolves problematic issues. In the meantime, the ability to step away from the relationship and out of its sway, at least in Pluto-affected areas, can be an important safety measure.

The bottom-line issues of this relationship, those that will most strongly unite or divide you, will be those concerning how to handle the structure and behavior of the family unit, religion, personal and sexual morality, and other affairs of private life. These will often seem to be life or death matters, upon which you will risk your own integrity and that of the relationship. When you agree in these matters, you have an unbreakable bond that can carry you through a lot of adversity, but when you disagree you can be put at odds in the most intractable fashion. The greatest problem, where there is one, will be the difficulty in airing differences because of a disinclination to express them accurately and respect the other person's position. They are grounded not in intellect, but emotion, and as such are more difficult to localize, examine, and adapt where necessary. Because they are major groundworks of personal control and defense, you can recognize them when you find yourself using such words as "must, " "always, " "never, " and other absolutes to which fallible mortals are not entitled to use, particularly in emotional affairs. If there is a way of understanding and circumventing the conflicts which these might bring, it may be to realize that you each have your own individual relationship with your Maker (or the Universe, or however you want to express it), which is not that of the other, or any other. You live with it, and you will die with it, and to force that special relationship on another is to directly fly in the face of the Creator. Make your own peace, and let others make theirs; that is ultimately all that is given to you. If you can do it together, ideally in unity, then you have achieved something special; but to do so you must tend your own garden first, because that is what you are ultimately responsible for.

You may notice that when you are together you create a larger-than-life image which at times may be difficult to live up to individually. It is as if you carry your own party around with you wherever you go and fire up those around you to get things moving. Sometimes you may find it more tiring to be the party host than the party guest, and you may need some quality time individually to rest and sort things out. Nevertheless, you are gifted with an energizing facade when you are together which you both can ride to give you an extra boost of enthusiasm, and you may find others looking to you for joint leadership who weren't so supportive of you individually. It would be easy to resent that, but that's politics and to a certain extent you make yourselves into public figures just by the chemistry of being together. Go for the playful and fun side of it and don't take yourselves too seriously. You'll find that your credibility and support in your social surroundings is heightened proportionately. Pride goeth before the fall, but the jester never comes to harm, so keep it light if you want to get good results. You don't have to seek out being the center of attention; just let your feelings radiate and the world will beat a path to your door.

A very up-front quality will characterize your relationship, one which may be described as candid and truthful, or perhaps undiplomatic and thoughtless. It's just that when you get together you have a way of putting the truth as you see it in a unvarnished manner to either impress or possibly offend. In part this is because you see things a little differently when together and what would ordinarily be viewed as unusual or controversial by either alone seems perfectly ordinary when you're together. That can make for a very stimulating relationship, as it opens you both up to new ways of looking at reality, but it can be a bumpy road as it doesn't happen smoothly but in fits and starts. Although original approaches will abound and you will stimulate in each other a leadership quality ahead of your time, it will be wise to remember that more can be gotten by persuasion than by coercion, and too direct an approach may seem like your forcing the issue when you're just telling it like it is. A little practice in sugar-coating the pill wouldn't be amiss, both in the way you approach each other and particularly in the way you deal with the public at large.

It will be good to have financial and emotional buffers built into this relationship, as it is subject to an array of physical and emotional earthquakes that will be impossible to predict and can be seriously damaging if you don't have backup to take up the slack. When you least expect it, something unusual will come up and interrupt the direction you have established and you will have to extemporize in order to get back on track. If you have the extra funds and emotional space to allow this to happen and give you time to recover, this will make for a very interesting and surprising life together. If you are living so close to the edge that you can be derailed by an unexpected change in direction, then you are asking for trouble simply by being involved. The Chinese say we should want to be spared interesting times, but that is what you inherit by coming together, whether you think you deserve it or not, so at least you should be prepared for it and be able to make the decision that this is what you want to look forward to. If you realize this at a basic level, you open yourselves to what can become a lifetime of revelation and personal growth free of charge that would have to be constructed on purpose by anyone else. That can be a real privilege or an awful curse, depending on whether you are ready for it and can embrace sudden change and reorientation on a moment's notice.

You will likely find a lot of personal security in this relationship, and it can become a refuge from the slings and arrows in general. This makes this position quite favorable for marriage or for a long-term and exclusive friendship or business relationship. Exclusive because the two of you will be likely to emotionally lock each other up and to a certain extent shut others out, which makes wide-ranging interplay in and out of the relationship difficult if it is to be sustained. This can give great strength to both of you if you are willing to respect the emotional boundaries you draw around yourself. Whatever it is you call home - whether a house, an apartment, and office, or even a trailer - will become your castle, and a nest of safety for retreat. Take care that you are the ones that make it thus and not the hardware or location itself. Houses, lands, gardens, and swimming pools can be joys to help you celebrate your commitment to each other, or they can be the stuff of a prison which prevents you from growing and moving forward in the relationship if you let them. Your true castle is your collective heart and the feelings you share together, the way you respond as a unit to challenges from within and without. Where the unassailable bulwarks are mutual honesty and trust, thieves can not intrude.

MOON opposition MERCURY
It is likely that this is a volatile relationship, with words and emotions on the fly on a fairly regular basis. Your inner, emotional, reactive side and your more mental, intellectual side are often at war with each other. It may often be debatable which way to go - with your head or with your feelings. You might not actually have to make that choice, but it will seem as if you do and quite a lot of effort may be expended trying to decide which way to go. The answer, of course, is to try to make a synthesis, so that feelings are understood and expressed and mind and heart walk the same path. Ultimately, you will have no trouble with this because things don't tend to get buried with this aspect but rather come bounding out into the air at the first chance. One might say this relationship finds it difficult to keep a secret. If there is any real disadvantage here, it is that the interior noise level will be kept at such a buzz that it will be difficult to quiet yourselves enough to hear the still, small voice inside. The quiet mind and the still heart will not spontaneously arise, particularly here, so you will have to impose your own brand of spiritual self-discipline if you expect to accomplish that.

You have a unique channel between you which can unlock emotional discovery with a kind of ease denied to most others. Whether it be within the bounds of a sexual relationship, friends or business associates, you will not be afraid to try out new directions for expressing your emotional or sexual desires. What is a particular blessing about this position is that while others often get in trouble when they skirt the edge of what is considered normal or acceptable behavior, you will be able to do it with ease, almost as if no one noticed you doing it. That is because you don't feel threatened by or guilty about your actions, and as a result others won't pick up on any bad feelings. Allow yourselves these little excursions to the edge when they seem appropriate and do not try to force yourselves to do something out of the ordinary. The strain will begin to show and there will be trouble. In the end, therefore, it's not so much what you do but the spirit and feeling in which you do it that determines whether it has something to teach and be enjoyed. A natural and safe sense of freedom of exploration is yours to rejoice in and to be a model for others to see how it can be done with innocence, joy, and safety.

You are subject to a lot of potential misdirection and confusion here, so you will have to be extra careful and sure of what you are doing before you make decisions or take action together. Make sure you have both feet on the ground before you launch into anything that requires follow-through, as you are probably more unstable than you at first believe. This may be because you are kidding each other (or yourselves) about your real feelings and motivations, but it may equally well be that you just don't have all the information even though you think you do. Since that will not be a one-time error but a continuing trend, get into the habit of making things extra clear and looking before you leap. Circumstances have a way of eluding you, so the more hard-nosed you are about things (despite the decided lack of inclination to be so) the more likely you will avoid running into disaster down the road. Ask for outside opinions and try them out. This will give you a view from another angle which will provide an anchor to reality when you find yourselves adrift. The more you do this and practice readjusting yourselves to new information, the less confusion will plague you and the more in control of your lives you will be.

Your relationship is likely to develop a strong center to rely on, but not one which you passively lean on for security. Rather, your solidity comes from an ever-growing and expanding awareness of what you have in common at the most basic levels. You are most likely to find maximum creativity at home or in a home-like environment where you can call up the totality of your relationship with ease, surrounded by your own creations and supported by a friendly and familiar base of operations. Professionally you may find that this strong internal and rather private wellspring of creativity will suit home-grown business opportunities such as mail-order marketing, work-at-home computer station projects, and the like. The more control you have over all aspects of your development together, the more fruitful it will become and the more rapidly it will grow. Personally, you will want to surround yourselves at home in an atmosphere where generosity and expansiveness are the order of the day. Nevertheless, there will be a certain exclusivity about the relationship in which, in creative affairs, your home is your castle and you are at your best when home alone, when operations get underway without having to spare the attention (and distraction) that others will tend to bring with them into your private control space. There is a time to share without, but a more important time to share within.

There is a certain amount of excess in this relationship that you may want to restrain from time to time, although this generates a great deal of enthusiasm about what you are and what you do. You are likely to be gung-ho about each other and whatever it is that your relationship becomes identified with, which can give you a lot of pleasure and will make you noticed wherever you go together. You will perhaps make your points a bit too strong and a bit too long, which not only wastes your personal resources in repeating yourselves when you should have gone on to something else, it also can have the reverse of the effect intended and turn people off. Essentially, once you've sold someone your bill of goods, drop the sales pitch and move on. It can be deceptively difficult to do this, as once you get caught up in your spiel, it's difficult to turn off the spigot, because you really care about what you are putting across and enjoy doing so. Nevertheless, temper your passion with moderation, and you'll find the energy you save mounts up and allows you the potential to move on to yet newer and more exciting territory which you might not have had the energy to explore otherwise. Economy of motion is highly to be desired.

There can be a fine line between devoted service to each other and involuntary servitude, and it can easily become fogged and uncertain. There is something special about your ability to help each other out, and as long as it's your own idea it will be a pleasure to put the joint good ahead of the individual. But if either of you feel this becomes an unwanted obligation, it will be very important to speak up and do something about it before what should be freely given becomes a resented burden. The trick will be spotting it and admitting it, as it will sometimes be difficult to tell what is obligation and what is free will. That is the nature of Neptune and when it is difficult to be sure of yourselves, it will be difficult to speak up lest you be proved wrong and sound like complainers.

The Moon's north and south nodes are associated with giving and receiving, commitment and reward, not always of your own making but more like situations the universe has just laid on you gratis. In this case, what has been laid on you is each other and the lesson of the relationship is ultimately making it work and learning the ins and outs of being together and cooperating. What it means most of all is establishing where one leaves off and the other takes over and making sure that dividing line is in the middle somewhere and not too close for comfort for either of you. Although you may agree on the goal of equality, agreeing on what actually comprises it and then implementing that can be a challenge and sometimes a conflict. Its rewards are tangible, but not material, and well worth the effort. By establishing your boundaries with each other, you also gain a surer and more confident idea of what goes to make up yourselves, and a stronger sense of individuality will emerge that can only reinforce you intellectually and emotionally and strengthen the relationship even further. By knowing each other, you better know yourselves and participate in all the obvious benefits that accrue therefrom. You may feel a certain fate about being together for this reason, since you both obviously have so much to gain from each other and never would have known had you not run into each other.

This is a somewhat difficult position financially, particularly as credit becomes the dominant force in economics, as you may find it too difficult to come by when you need it or ignore the implications of how you handle it and therefore not use it to your best advantage. Whether you think you need it or not, it will be good to do what is necessary to maintain a reasonable credit rating if only to get along in the system as it stands. This inclination to simplify also extends to structures and processes of reality that have to do with time and the aging process. You can too easily take for granted that things are as they are because they have always been that way, a sort of "in-the-now" timelessness that can leave you high and dry when the relentless causes that time grinds so fine trip you up because you hadn't bothered to investigate them as they unraveled. This is not so much the result of a devotion to living each moment for itself but a worry about what you might find out if you looked too deep or probed too far. Yet these very things which are so elusive are in a way the bedrock on which you will come to rest in times of difficulty, so it will be well to chase after the unknown and plumb the depths of areas you are inclined to avoid so they do not sneak up on you. Reality is a continuum from which you arose and will return to, and your greatest defense may lie in increasing your knowledge of that fact.

There is a kind of austere idealism represented here, one in which you are determined to strive for, but aren't going to kid yourselves about either. What you can do, you will, and you are likely to be willing to sacrifice and go without in order to achieve what you think is right, both for yourselves and others. Some would say this might make a sexual relationship unlikely here, but that is not necessarily the case. Rather it would be one in which sex is simplified, intensified, and channeled to raise your consciousness together and transcend your individual selves for the purpose of being subsumed into a greater whole. There is a kind of no-nonsense feeling about achieving what you think ought to be, a paring down of the fantasy side and an insistence that you stick to results, even if there is less to be had. That same attitude will carry over into the professional world, where you are likely to have little tolerance for windy fantasies and empty dreams. If you're sure it can be done, you'll go ahead and make sure that it is. If not, leave it to the storybooks and get on with dreams, however small, which you know you can turn into reality. It's a bit of a stark aspect, but it can be a breath of fresh air in a world of hype and empty promises.

Ambitious goals and large-scale plans will mark this relationship and you are not likely to be content unless you are pursuing the biggest and the best of which your are capable. Small-scale projects are likely to get neglected in favor of things that may not pay off right away but which have great potential. You will take the first opportunity to take this relationship on the road and expand your consciousnesses literally and figuratively by putting yourselves in totally new circumstances where you have to rearrange your thinking to succeed. Inside and out, there is an air of the adventurer and the thrill-seeker here, whether it be manifested physically or intellectually, and you will champ at the bit if you can't get on with things at a gallop. When you connect, you're likely to do so in a big way, with all systems go, and when you miss each other's point, you'll miss it by a mile or not at all. Thus, you generally tend to know if things are on the right track and if you're not getting obvious results you'll know to drop everything and refocus. Some of the finer details of life can get lost in the mix here, however, and enthusiasm for what is ahead can cause you to miss what is right next to you and needs attending. Sometimes wearing reading glasses will help you more than binoculars, and a microscope can reveal a world as far distant and exciting as a telescope.

MARS conjunct SATURN
This can be a very troublesome or very useful position, depending upon where you manifest it. Mars is your energy and Saturn is restriction, so in areas where you need boundless amounts of energy expended quickly, this will be poor indeed. Bad for the 100-yard dash, but good for cross country. Where you need to have a carefully controlled flow, however, this is perfect. Doctors are known for this aspect, as for them precision and perseverance is required, both to train and to practice. Since Mars is closely associated with the sex drive, don't expect mad, blind passion, but a cooler, longer-lasting form of sexual affection and perhaps even overtones of emotional or physical bondage. This will be a relationship where you take yourselves perhaps too seriously, feeling that you should always be getting something important done, so it may at times be a good idea to try to lighten up a little. This doesn't detract from the impact of your mission, it just lets you have a little more fun along the way. Nevertheless, if you give yourselves time, yours will be a union that carves out an important and indelible mark along your timeline, because you are willing to deploy the energies to do just that. When others are flagging, you will still be in the fray, as long as you have not let contrary expectation take you off course or siphon off your needed energies to other projects or other relationships. This will be a demanding one, so be ready to go the distance.

You may have a feeling that you have come together to accomplish some higher spiritual mission and that may indeed be the case. In any case, you will have a high standard to hold yourselves to when you take action and the work you participate in together will have special meaning to you. If this is a love affair, you may tend to elevate it past the point of common sexuality, which may seem too coarse to express the way you feel about yourselves. This may cause you to abandon sexual expression entirely, or you may refine your sexuality so that it becomes a channel for your spiritual energy. In either case, yours will be a case beyond the ordinary. In general, the message of this aspect is tuning your energies up an octave to manifest yourselves on a higher plane. Because you will be forging ahead onto uncharted ground, you will have to keep your eyes open, as there can be a fine line between inspiration and illusion, idealized achievement and pure fantasy. It will be well to stop occasionally and take stock not just of what you intend to do, but what your previous intentions have already achieved. As long as the trail behind you is palpable, there is a good chance you are on the right course, or at least on the one you believe you're on. As when navigating at night or in patchy weather, you will need to learn the skills of dead reckoning.

Undue and unrelenting force can too easily have a part in this relationship, and you will do well to avoid it at all costs. When either of you don't get your way, forcing the issue will be the first and worst response. The internal motivation here is a fear that one of you will somehow be invalidated and inactivated by the other, so it is better to strike first and ask questions later. The results will just be a pointless and escalating conflict which will do no one any good and could cause serious harm. Rather, treat each other with a mutual respect bordering on dread, based on the assumption that if you don't give each other plenty of room for self-expression, all hell will break loose. In fact this is a good approximation of the case, and keeping this sort of attitude in mind will be the very method of keeping things cool, calm, and collected. You may find the same inclination in dealing with the outside world, where it will be easier to provoke confrontations than come to a compromise. Although you may feel a sense of power with this aspect and have a serious inclination to use it, just keep in mind that the other guy may be just as well armed - and a cooler and more deliberate shot.

The inclination to plug into long-range concepts and communicate the scope of possibilities will be a hallmark of your relationship. Together you can enjoy exploring larger-than life concepts of religion, philosophy, and the structure of the universe that will not only provide stimulating thought, but open up new possibilities on the inside and the out. This is the house of travel and will find you to be travelers of the mind, whether you actually step out of the house or not (though you will, whenever possible). Where your bodies cannot go, your minds will carry you on wings of imagination, professional as well as personal. You prefer to see things in the overview and in the long run, you will be less likely to get tangled up in unexpected circumstances that will slow others down. You'll always have another game plan to turn to while others are trying to untangle theirs. If there is any drawback here, it can be losing sight of the details. It is easy to get caught up in the grandeur of the vision and miss some of the enjoyable and profitable details in the process. Zoom in on the immediate vicinity every now and then and you may be surprised at what you'll find - there are giant landscapes awaiting you in the smallest flower.

Clarity and originality are the grace of this relationship and you can pierce through the veil of illusion to get concrete results any time you care to. Your ability to express leading-edge concepts without seeming too far-out can enable you to leap ahead of competitors who are still struggling to make outdated systems work for them. This, of course, gives this relationship great professional potential in any area which is future-oriented and depends on the swift and accurate implementation of new discoveries. Even if you do not choose to express this talent in the professional arena, it will still be a continual eye-opener throughout your lives and will be a wellspring of personal growth and understanding. Because you will have a deep, abiding respect for the truth and the natural desire and ability to perpetuate it, you will find that you can be thought-provoking and inspiring teachers as well. When you have the opportunity to perpetuate your vision, you will not hesitate to pass on your insights so that others can implement your vision as well as yourselves. If there is anything that you will want to see continued, it will be an approach to discovery inside and out that proceeds at a non-disruptive pace. The greatest enemy of progress is often too much progress too soon, and what you have is the ability to judge just how far is too far and stop just short of it. It is an ability you will want to share.

Confusion and crossed wires can often surface here, primarily because of previously conceived ideas and expectations. Once you've got it wrong, one thing leads to another and you can find yourselves in left field before you know it and wonder how you got so far from reality. The worst of it can come when you feel that you must cover up earlier mistakes with falsehood, hoping it will all get forgotten in the end. What a tangled web we weave. . . It may sound silly, but just writing down what you say can be a serious remedy. A major enemy is your inability to recall what you said or agree on what went down in the past. When it's down in black and white, you have one less hurdle to overcome. You can still reinterpret a written document, but you can't reinvent it out of the whole cloth. It is a matter of constantly performing reality checks, taking nothing for granted and going over what you got right and what you got wrong until you achieve a gut-level sense of when you are balanced. This will not be an easy or a quick process, and early on in the relationship if you have to lean on firm opinions, you might do well to assign the responsibility to one or the other of you, whichever seems to be in closer touch with reality.

With this solar position it is likely that you will have, or at least strive for, a fairly high public profile together, and it is likely that you will be talked about no matter what you do or how you go about it. This, of course, is a two-edged sword, as it gives you the natural ability to get your message out when you want to, but it also keeps the door constantly ajar when you would just as soon close it all the way. It can be very beneficial personally to the extent that it makes for a relationship where you've got nothing to hide (because you can't!), but at the same time it can take the edge off intimacy which may be more rewarding when it is properly hidden. This kind of sorting interior and exterior priorities will be a running feature of the relationship, testing your abilities to judge what comes from within and what comes from without. Are you the makers of your reputation or do you let your reputation define you? Never an easy call, but here quite often a prevalent issue. This very challenge also will tend to mold you together as you become more self-conscious of what makes you a partnership because of the exterior feedback that you must deal with as a matter of course. Thus you must work more closely together in order to be seen as what you are: a step further than just being yourself without having to explain or articulate it.

SUN opposite MOON
This is the aspect of the full moon, which itself is surrounded with much lore and legend, and your relationship will partake of much of it. It will be very intense and you will not take each other lightly. It will feel as if the pressure is always on when you are together and that you really have to be doing something. Just sitting still and enjoying each other's company will be difficult. You will also be inclined to mood swings, and there is a certain manic-depressive feeling here where you're either wildly enthusiastic or totally down in the dumps. When you're terribly overjoyed about something, you're bound to notice (or have it pointed out) that it's good but not that good, which sets you on a course of mild but increasing disappointment until everything looks black. In the darkness before the dawn, you realize that every cloud has a silver lining, and you start perking up again, headed for a new round of happiness. The same goes for the periodic arguments you swing into - just hold back a bit and things will stabilize more easily.

SUN conjunct MERCURY
In a special way, your heads and hearts are in the same place in this relationship, and you will naturally know what the other is talking about whether you verbalize or not. But when you do put it into words, it will be well-expressed as well as sincerely delivered. This is a talent that can be taken for granted. However, there can also be a tendency to assume you have said the right thing. You let your intentions take control over your expressions without seeing them through. On a moment-to-moment basis, this is not a problem, for as long as you're getting the message across to each other, it doesn't matter how it's done or how accurate or complete you are in what you verbalize. When others become involved, however, you can find they misinterpret what you say because you didn't go the distance in making it clear by addressing the other person's viewpoint. It's entirely a question of neglect, arising from applying assumptions you safely make between yourselves to others who don't share your background and information. Therefore, you may have to go out of your way to remember to say it all when you are addressing the outside world, especially when you have to put it in writing. Your communications skills have to be different for each person you are dealing with, something that is entirely within your reach.

A broad, inventive streak characterizes this relationship and you will always be on the trail of something new to add to the revelations that life has to offer. You will not have to seek out the new and unusual, because it will come to you as a matter of course, and you will see the positive side and not the too-frequent combative side of establishing new approaches to life. You will want to keep your options wide open in the way that you deal with people, as life is full of surprises and you won't want to shut yourselves off from any of them. Unusual relationships will have a distinctly positive side for you and you won't judge people as being different, just special. The search for the truth will be a compelling one for you, but not so much that it puts you at odds with the establishment. Rather, you have an easy ability to sidestep troublesome barriers in your way and go on to do what is necessary to fulfill your pursuit of new windows on reality. Where most struggle to gain access to the truth, you will likely just walk right in and wonder what the problem could possibly be. Aside from making life easier for you, you can also give a boost to those who can't do it with such aplomb and in the process gain insight into yourselves as well.

You may feel you're walking on very soggy ground in this relationship, and indeed it can be quicksand if you do not watch your steps. Neptune in difficult aspect can bring confusion and deception, where fantasy and illusion lead to disappointment and even treachery. That is not quite as awful as it sounds, though its effects may be. It may not be intentional on the part of either of you. In this case, however, forewarned really is forearmed if you take action to be quite specific about your promises to each other and your expectations about the relationship. Go as far as writing it down or even making contracts, but don't terminate things if it doesn't turn out or you break the contracts. That's part of this aspect, but it is the sincere effort to correct the problem that this approach allows you to focus on until such a time as you've got some more experience with each other under your belts and know better what to expect. Failed expectations are your greatest enemy, particularly early in the relationship, so the more you can cut back on what you think you're going to get out of each other, the more likely you will be to actually achieve satisfaction together. It can be easy for this relationship to become a crutch for your individual lack of balance, and an unsuccessful one it would be. If you give each other enough room to express individuality, things can only be better when you are together again.

SUN sextile PLUTO
You have an air of quiet confidence together at a subconscious level that will allow you to sustain a lot of slings and arrows that others might more easily succumb to. Where others would get into competitive confrontations, you will find it easy to resolve your differences because you know, at an unspoken level, it will come out OK. That doesn't mean a trouble-free relationship, but it does describe a gentle underpinning of confidence and faith in the relationship that will shore it up when stresses and strains put it to the test. This is a natural advantage, given to you without earning it, so you may well look to using it to help when others have problems with their partnerships and may look to you as an example of what to do. The first thing to do, of course, will be to figure out what you are doing right, since you do it without thinking about it. Then transfer what you have going for you to those who need it and will support you faithfully when you have shared your secret. When you take what you have for granted, it may well fade as time goes on, so it pays to sit up and take notice and reinforce what seems to come naturally but may only be a result of earlier hard work you no longer remember or don't directly associate with this relationship.

You are likely to love being in the limelight, and as a result find yourselves there. We are not talking Hollywood here, but simply being noticed and talked about by the folks in your professional or social community. You will do well here, partially because you shape your desires around what you believe people will want and partially because you will find yourself a leader in developing those expectations. One feeds and shapes the other. This is usually a good success indicator, unless one of you is a particularly private person, as your needs and desires are likely to be made public whether you want them to or not. It really depends on your definition of success. There is nothing wrong with being well-spoken of, and most people spend a lot of time trying to achieve it. You will only have to cope with the responsibility of dealing with it. This will not be inconsiderable, as your goals will be held up as an ideal to others who may or may not live up to it. Nevertheless, you have an advantage here that you can use especially in the public arena, though it may cramp the private parts of the relationship a bit in the process of fulfilling your unasked-for public duties.

VENUS opposition JUPITER
This is a fairly convivial aspect and although it may cause you some friendly jostling when it comes time to decide what new directions you would like to head off in together, ultimately you will find a good feeling about it and yourselves. You will bounce from one positive opportunity to another, but not without having a word or two about which bounce to take. It is like being at a smorgasbord where you both have to agree on each dish you will eat. It's a nice thing to argue about or discuss, with your partner. Pleasant as the prospects are, it will be a hand-off situation, where one provides, and then the other takes over the honors. Truly sharing, in the sense of being of one mind will not come naturally, but rather an alternative leadership that will receive eventual mutual approval. Because this will lead you on in a stop and go manner, this will be most beneficial in a personal relationship where you have time to relax and enjoy it. To make it work professionally, you will have to dampen some of the enthusiasm with monetary considerations and external assurances that will take some of the spontaneity away.

It is likely there is little doubt that you like being together and that this relationship is something you really care a lot about. Although this is considered a hard aspect which afflicts with an inability to control the nature of the planets involved, here you have too much of a good thing: affection and desire. It's hard to complain about that. If this is love, it is love indeed, and if only business, then you think there is a lot to be gained here and enjoy the process highly. Is there a problem here? It's hard to criticize but there may be some things to watch out for. One is that getting tangled up with each other is likely to take up more attention than you estimate, despite its joys, so be prepared to jettison other priorities that would be making demands upon valuable resources. Another is that familiarity breeds contempt, and an overload of each other has the potential of cloying what would be a continually renewing pleasure when taken in small doses. Sometimes a little deliberate abstinence may refresh the relationship more than you might think, if you can manage a way to accomplish it. If not, not much harm is likely to ensue, though there may be some around you who will view you as somewhat self-obsessed. Perhaps you have reason to be. You will believe that to be the case, but leave some space for the rest of the world.

This position can bring a deep and powerful loyalty to your relationship which you will be willing to fight for to the last. In fact, you may be at times all too willing to circle the wagons to defend you and yours, as you can often view each other and your close friends as being the last bastions of what is right and important in the world. This may not be as necessary as you surmise, as circumstances can take care of themselves much more easily than you sometimes believe and you may not have to defend your own unless they so request. Yet, there is such a close identification of yourselves with each other and those you hold dear that you would consider their death yours, and therefore worth going to all extremes to prevent. Your attachment is only valid when it is mutual, so don't move on the other's behalf unless you know it's asked for. The feeling can often be mutual, however, and you may find that your friends find you worth dying for as much as vice-versa. In general, the whole feeling puts a very strong emphasis on loyalty and its sustenance at any price from all directions that may give a bit of a Mafia-esque tint to those with whom you are very close, giving the "family" a power over you which it might not have otherwise and the vow of protective silence control over freedoms you might otherwise have exercised but do not feel free to do so. The conundrum, of course, is that it feels right to do so. Judge each instance as it occurs, don't generalize.