When two or more planets are aligned exactly next to, or very close to, each other in your chart are said to be “conjunct.” Astrologers like to go to conferences and discuss how close is close enough to be called a conjunction. The range of how far an aspect is away from exact is called an “orb of influence." Common orbs range from 2-10 degrees depending upon the astrologer, the aspect, and the planets involved. If you are in a relationship with a person whose birthday is within ten days of your own, you could say that your suns are conjunct.

A conjunction means that the planets involved affect each other very strongly, usually blending and assisting each other. It is a natural place of connection where two or more planets act as one. They become integrated. Depending upon the planets involved, this integration may come naturally to you, or it could be a life-long practice if the planets challenge each other. The New Moon is an example of a conjunction. This is the dark phase of the moon when the Sun and Moon are in alignment. An example would be when you have a strong friendship with someone; then, she or he goes away for a while. When she or he returns, you plug right back into the friendship like time has stood still. That is an example of how a conjunction feels.