Custom Horoscope Jewelry

We make custom necklaces and bracelets created from your date, time and place of birth! You are surrounded by the planets, zodiac, and houses exactly as they were around you at the moment you were born. 

Imagine yourself centered and grounded in who you came into the world to be. 

Our Horoscope Jewelry is handmade to order just for you. No one else will have one like it! Choose from a number of colors and lengths to match your taste and add cosmic style to any outfit. Stunningly original, everyone will want to know where you found it.

What Comes With It?

Each order comes with a free astrology chart, 15-page interpretation, and a full-color card explaining the purpose of each gemstone bead in your horoscope. Match the beaded jewelry to the instructions, and learn how to lay the jewelry on the table to read your jewelry it like an astrology chart.

How Do I Use It?

Experience your chart tangibly by holding it in your hands! Touch the planets, count the degrees and envision the aspects. Use your natal jewelry to focus on your transits. The necklaces are so accurate that you can do astrology readings right off of them!

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