Eleventh House, Friends and Society

The 11th house, ruled by Aquarius, influences friends, intellectual pleasures, socializing, and attitude towards society. It shows your goals and ambitions as they relate to your external relationships. The 11th house represents group consciousness.

This can include community service, humanitarian aid, business-support groups, or community living lifestyles.

The sign on the 11th house cusp tells about how you approach social situations. Virgo on the cusp may indicate shyness in opening to groups, or they end up in the kitchen cleaning up after the party. Aries may know everyone’s first name at an event, but never stick around to know their last name.

What planets you have in the 11th house describe how you get along with people. Having your Sun in the eleventh house may make you magnetically attractive to everyone. The Moon in the 11th may indicate the person who listens to everyone’s problems and nurtures them like a mother.