Manifest Your Empowerment!

Empowerment Jewelry brings you creative insight and self-actualization through deep understanding of your values and talents.

Each manifestation talisman comes with a full-color postcard with affirmations you can use to focus your thoughts and achieve your dreams! Use the jewelry like a rosary or mala to activate the intention of each bead.

Listen to MaryJean Kidd explain how they work.

Point at each bead in the picture to see what it does.

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This Grand Fire Trine of the 1st, 4th, and 8th houses fosters creative self-actualization through deeply understanding my values and actions.

  1. Mars: Carnelian (red). 1st House, self, Sagittarius. I am a visionary achiever, out there with my ideas about the world, a seeker and seer.
  2. Mercury: Hematite (metallic gray). 3rd House, expression, Aquarius. My intuitive thoughts and communication skills lend to service as a healer.
  3. Sun: Pewter/Brass Smile. 4th House, home, Aries. I focus on understanding who I am and where I’ve come from.
  4. Part of Fortune: Citrine (golden), Venus: African Picture Jasper (beige). I love and value who I am, enjoying the exploration of my roots and my psychic nature.
  5. Jupiter: Botswana Agate (big with stripes). 7th House, relationships, Gemini. I glean knowledge about myself through what’s mirrored back to me in my relationships.
  6. Uranus: Aventurine (green), Pluto: Red Jasper (tiny). 8th House, birth and death, Cancer. I transform through self-exploration. Examining the psychological aspects of my nature allows me to claim my nontraditional individuality.
  7. Neptune: Sodalite (big dark blue). 10th House, career, Libra. I develop my direction via my intuition and spirituality. I value connecting with the creative and the divine.
  8. Saturn: Tiger’s Eye (brown with rings, in Scorpio). 11th House, friends, Libra. My mental processes are grounded and structured.
  9. Moon: Moonstone. 12th House, subconscious, Sagittarius. I have an emotional need to understand the big picture and to articulate my own vision.


Each manifestation talisman comes with a full-color postcard with affirmations you can use to focus your thoughts and achieve your dreams!

  1. Read the Postcard that came with the jewelry to learn what each bead does. Work around the jewelry bead by bead spending time with each Planet and its astrological interpretation.
  2. Think about which affirmations you're already good at, and pat yourself on the back!
  3. Figure out which affirmations are your biggest barriers. If you could change one thing about how you go about things, how would you act differently?
  4. Play with any beads that have a meaning you want to enhance in your life.
  5. If you have a bad habit you want to break, focus on the bead that best represents the issue. Play with the bead as a reminder not to do it! This works best when you catch yourself in the act, so you can stop immediately and try a different approach.
  6. Just simply wear the jewelry. You're calling down Universal Energy in an optimized configuration. By surrounding yourself with this positive vibe, you'll notice unusual "coincidences" that reveal your growth!

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