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About Astrology Jewelry

What exactly does this jewelry do for me?

Throughout your life, both good and bad things have happened to you. You've made many decisions about yourself and about how the world works. By wearing your own custom natal birth horoscope, you literally center yourself in the universe as it was around you at that moment you came into this world. You cut through all your beliefs and masks, bringing you back to the beginning of your path. A fresh start!

The Destiny designs (Relationships, Money, Health, Ideas into Action, Stress Relief, Family, Empowerment, and World Peace) will surround you with "personality traits" that a person would have to be successful in these areas of life. You can study the purpose behind each bead to help manifest the trait in your life.

The Zodiac Jewelry balances the strengths and weaknesses of your sign. Celebrate your personality by playing with the stones for your zodiac sign, and break a bad habit by playing with the beads for all the other signs.

How did you choose what gemstones to use for your planets?

I was studying astronomy when I first came up with the idea for the jewelry, and I wanted to make a map of the sky as it was around me when I was born. I wanted to connect the actual physical planet with the Earth under our feet. Instead of simply accepting the traditional gemstones used to represent the planets, I looked for semiprecious stones that looked exactly like the planets in color and proportional size. As it turns out, 90% of the stones I use match ancient interpretation, but I came to the same conclusions on my own! As Nick Dagan Best exclaimed, "You reinvented the astrology chart!"

How do I use it?

Some people use them like rosaries or malas to pray or meditate. Others just wear them because they're pretty!

Each order comes with a full-color card explaining the purpose of each bead in your astrology chart. Match the bead to the information, and learn how to lay the chart on the table to "read" it like an astrology chart. You can move around the jewelry bead by bead, reading about the bead's purpose, and thinking about how it fits your own life.

How do I know they'll work?

We have four answers for that frequently asked question:
First, many people report that they can feel their own energy in their jewelry. In our own experiments, we gave Alicia and Mary's necklaces to people who knew us both, blindfolded. Three out of four people were able to identify which was which.

Second, when we meet customers in Wandering Star's store or at shows, we use Applied Kinesiology to muscle test the jewelry to the person. We start by doing a "clearing test": we make true and false statements (such as "My name is Alicia"), and push on the customer's arm. If their arm remains strong, the answer is true, and if their arm falls, the answer if false. The demonstration is quite compelling! Then, we take the different pieces the customer is interested in, and push on their arm again. If their arm stays strong, the jewelry design will work for them. If their arm falls, it won't work, and we won't sell it to them!

Third, this work is all about intention. Each piece comes with information that you can use to learn about each bead's purpose in the jewelry. By thinking about it and meditating on it, you can manifest it! Some people have suggested that it's "just" a placebo effect, but hey, that's a positive result, right?

Have you heard of the book, "The Secret"? It's the same concept - by focusing your intention on what you want to manifest, you call that energy to yourself.

Fourth, we have pages and pages of testimonials from satisfied customers. Look for them all over the site!

Can I wear more than one at a time?

We don't recommend wearing more than one design at a time around your neck or wrist, because the beads are the same on each, just in a different order. If the beads are that close together, you may get unexpected results. Many people, however, say they work just fine when worn in multiples. Try wearing them on different wrists, or alternate designs every few days. Or make a choker out of two bracelets!

Is it OK to wind the necklaces around my wrist?

I think so, although I don't have any data to see if it stops the necklace from working. The choker makes a great double bracelet, and the 30" necklace makes a great double choker.

Ordering Questions

What are the necklaces strung on?

40-pound test 49-strand nylon-coated steel.

Will the jewelry be exactly the length I ordered?

Each piece will vary in length according to your astro chart. They may vary within 1/2 inch. Toggle and lobster clasps add over 1/2". The chokers are 14" in length and do lay right on your neck. Unless you're petite or under 25 years old, we recommend the 18" necklace! We can make pieces longer, but we can't make them shorter because every bead has a purpose. If your necklace doesn't fit to your satisfaction, we will restring it for the difference in cost for the length change.

Can men wear the jewelry?

Of course! The 22" length fits men best. The 18" necklace fits like a choker. The 9" anklet can be worn as a bracelet. Choose one of the darker colors, and it will be your favorite meaningful bling.

What is the difference between "glass" and "semi-precious" background degree beads?

The color choices are the overall necklace color, and each bead equals an exact number of degrees on the necklace. Please choose either one glass color (no extra charge) or one semi-precious stone (additional charge).

Do I have to choose a color that matches my zodiac sign or birth month?

You can use the traditional stone interpretations and colors if you'd like, but you can also choose your color based on your wardrobe. The Design Your Jewelry page has a list of colors and stones with their meanings.

Are the planets glass or semi-precious?

The planets will be semi-precious gemstone beads in EVERY necklace ordered.

How did you set your prices?

These aren't cheap Power Beads made in China, and they aren't simple jewelry made to be pretty. Each one is handcrafted by Alicia or Lindsey to order, using the finest gemstones, gold, and silver. Not to mention that each is mathematically precise, heavily researched, and astrologically accurate! Our prices reflect the care and quality we put into every design. Wearing our jewelry is like eating at Le Bernardin or Spago! All that, and still around $100!

Company Policies

How long will it take to get my jewelry?

Please allow two to four weeks, after email confirmation and receipt of payment, for delivery. Each piece is made to order, in the order received. Your shipping choice will determine how long it will take to arrive after it is made. For example, shipping by FedEx Ground may take 3-5 business days, but it will still take us a week or two to make your custom jewelry.

I need to have my order filled faster than that. My friend's birthday is next week!

If you need the order in less than 2 to 4 weeks, choose FedEx 2-day or Overnight shipping. You will be charged for actual shipping cost and an extra Rush fee to jump your order next in line. Your order will NOT get there the day after you order, but we get your order to you in 2 days to a week.

Do you offer international shipping?

We'll be happy to ship overseas. You have your choice of USPS and FedEx, although once a package sent USPS leaves the US, we have no ability to track it. The delivery time may take longer than stated, depending how long customs holds onto your gift.

I gave you the wrong birth information!

If we make a piece of jewelry but the birth information given us is wrong, we will remake the necklace for a small charge. Essentially, we'll need to start over again from scratch. Send the jewelry back along with the new information.

Do you guarantee your jewelry?

In these times of uncertainty, it can be a difficult decision to purchase jewelry online or by mail order. Wandering Star is committed to impeccable customer service. Your jewelry purchases have a full money-back satisfaction guarantee.

  • If your jewelry has a manufacturing defect, such as a bad clasp, we will fix it for free.
  • If you receive your jewelry and there is an error in processing your order, we will fix it for free.
  • If you receive your jewelry and it doesn't fit, we will fix it but you will be responsible for any upgrades in length or clasp.
  • If you receive your jewelry and don't like the color or sun or some little detail, we will restring it for the repair fees mentioned below.
  • If you receive it and hate it, send it back for a full refund, although we guarantee this won't happen! :-)

Please read our breakage policies below.

Products purchased on eBay.com DO NOT come with a money-back refund. All eBay sales are final.

I snagged my bracelet and it broke. Can you fix it?

We will repair jewelry that breaks due to accidents for a small charge that includes shipping & handling. Fill out this form and send back the pieces in the original box or a padded envelope with your name, address, and birth information.

My necklace just fell apart...I didn't pull it or anything!

Occasionally a bracelet may mysteriously fall apart - we call that "loving it to death." If you have been wearing the jewelry frequently, please include the restringing fee. If there is a problem with the way the jewelry was manufactured, we will repair it for free. Click here to start the repair process.

...and sometimes one design may have done its job. You can always have it remade into a new design!

I'm sending my credit card info over the Internet. Is that safe?

We use a secure server that will encrypt your order before sending it to us. We delete your credit card information when we're done with your order.

What do you do with all my personal data?

We maintain mailing lists and email lists for our own use; you can expect to hear from us about once a month via a newsletter with zodiac info, news, and special offers. You're welcome to opt out at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of your email. We will never sell or give your mailing address or email address to any third party.