Fifth House, Pleasure

The 5th house, governed by Leo, represents children, romance, creativity, vacations, and pleasure. It includes the love you instinctively show the world. With the 5th house, it is time to have fun.

The zodiac sign on the 5th house cusp can give you hints about the way you like to have fun.

A practical sign like Capricorn may turn a fun hobby into a business. It may also indicate a person who does not have children, or holds off on children until they are a bit older in life. Capricorn 5th house people may not be big gamblers, instead preferring conservative risks.

As another example, Cancer on the 5th house cusp may take great enjoyment in playing with children. They also may have difficulty letting go when it is time to end a relationship.

A strong 5th house represents a person who loves to play and doesn't let the little things get them down. A challenged 5th house may indicate self-indulgence and "loose" behavior.

This house is one of the places in the astrology chart that calls you to take a risk on yourself. Whether it is showing the world your creative talents, opening your heart to the possibility of romance, or hitting the blackjack tables in Las Vegas, it's up to you to to open to your passionate nature.