Fourth House, Home Life

The 4th house represents home, family, parenting, traditions, and your general attitude about where and how you live. Because the 4th house is Cardinal or "angular," its emotional undercurrents can become quite complicated. The 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses are action-oriented and add to the complex dynamics of your chart.

Ruled by Cancer, it is the place of seeking emotional security. The difficulty is that to find true emotional security, you must face your insecurities.

How this will manifest in your life depends on the sign on its cusp. A Taurus 4th house cusp may find security in owning a home, only to find that they may lose their home due to unforeseen circumstances. This teaches the person that true emotional security comes from within, not from a physical object like a house. Naturally, a Taurus 4th house cusp does not mean you will lose your home, it only means that you will have to look at your values regarding security in some way.

Information regarding your early childhood can be found in the 4th house. An Aquarius fourth house cusp, for example, may indicate a home with unusual circumstances. This could include moving frequently, eccentric visitors, adoptions, or unusual family relationships.

Most astrologers believe that the 4th house represents the mother, but it can more accurately be said that the 4th house indicates how you obtain your nurturing. A Cancer 4th house may prefer a home cooked meal. A Sagittarius 4th house may feel completely at home cooking a meal over a campfire stove.