More meaningful than regular astrology jewelry, these vibrant handmade Gemini Zodiac necklaces and bracelets help you balance your strengths and weaknesses!

Our exclusive pewter Zodiac Twins bead enhances your personality. The Hematite bead next to it pulls down the energy of Mercury, your ruling planet, the planet of INTELLECT AND COMMUNICATION. It's even gray like the planet! Sterling silver beads mark the 12 astrological houses.

11 more semi-precious gemstone beads harness the energies of the other Planets, Sun, and Moon. They actually look like the planets in color and size so you know which are which! They're located around the circle in their most harmonious, powerful positions for your horoscope (called "Natural Rulerships" in astrology).

Geminis sometimes get so many ideas that they can't follow through on any of them. This jewelry will pull in the strengths of the entire zodiac to help you focus. 

You can get your Gemini necklace or bracelet in a beautiful golden glass, or in metallic gray Hematite. Each piece of jewelry comes in a glossy black box with a full-color info card explaining each bead and its astrological meaning. 

Learn how to read and use the jewelry.

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