Horoscope Chart Report

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Birth Horoscope for:

Alicia C. Katz

In Part One of the interpretations you will read two sections concerned with your individual traits.

The first section describes your ego (sun), emotional make-up (moon), learning and intellectual orientation (Mercury), relationships and sociability (Venus), and the expression and focus of your physical energy (Mars).

The second section describes how well you deal internally with the external situations that you experience in life. Your capacity for happiness (Jupiter), ability to tolerate restrictions and frustrations (Saturn), how you are associated with or relate to new or innovative ideas and methods, and radical ideas and events that upset the status quo (Uranus), how you are associated with or affected by public ideals, morality, and spirituality (Neptune), and how you are associated with or affected by public policies toward crime, toward the power of government and industry, and toward exploration, development, conservation and distribution of natural resources (Pluto).

The sun rules will power and ego. It is the core of your potential and uniqueness as an individual; who you are and what you are about. It represents the main direction and focus you want your life to take, and your determination to accomplish what you set out to do. It is your personal honesty and integrity, and the ability to command respect and authority, to impress and influence others.

As the fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer represents the fourth stage in the evolution of man and his place in the universe. In Cancer the need is not one of individual survival as it was in the first three signs. Here, it is eternal survival through perpetuation of the species. It is the sign of fertility and nurture, and Cancerians have strong identification with these matters in one form or another. It doesn't mean all of them are good cooks or efficient housekeepers, but they all want to feel part of a family. They enjoy feeding others as much as they enjoy feeding themselves. They are also ready to supply emotional nurturing by "mothering" everyone who appears to be in need. When upset, they tend to use food as consolation, which in turn, results in problems with excess weight. As an offshoot of their sense of familial relationships, they often develop an interest in genealogy and history in general.

Cancerians are doers. They set out to accomplish things and, one way or another, they want to obtain their goals. In spite of their emotional sensitivity, they are strong-willed and have no trouble expressing what they want, then finding a way to get it. The Crab is their astrological symbol and there are certain crab-like gestures directly associated with the behavior of Cancerians. Just as the crab walks sideways rather than straight ahead, Cancerians use an indirect approach in accomplishing their goals. Rather than direct confrontation or request, they are more apt to resort to using emotional appeal. For example, they will get others to cooperate by making them feel like part of a family. At the slightest provocation or threat the crab quickly hides in the sand or retreats into a shell until safer times are at hand. Cancerians who feel threatened or suspect that their attempts may be unsuccessful, often hide their true ambitions until a more comfortable situation occurs.

Cancerians react emotionally to everything they experience in life. That is, before they take physical action, before they sort out the practicality of what they are doing, and before they reason things out intellectually, they must express their feelings. They wear their hearts on their sleeves. Many Cancerians succeed in life because their genuine concern for the welfare of others inspires loyalty as well as cooperation.

The Moon, celestial guardian of human emotions, rules Cancer. The biggest struggle for Cancerians is to avoid becoming prisoners of their own emotions. Though they can be outwardly gregarious, they are shy and secretive about their personal matters. However, once they feel comfortable in a situation or relationship, they relax and completely open up even to the point of dominating the situation. Not usually ones to suffer in silence, they have to make an effort not to inflict their moods and endless recitations of their feelings or emotional troubles on others. Once they learn to keep excess emotions in control, their intuition can be remarkably accurate. Their emotional insecurity makes them want to hang on to things. They hate to throw anything away, and many end up avid collectors, conservators, and savers of string. It is equally difficult for them to give up on failed relationships, and still harder for them to learn the difference between caring and possessiveness. When they receive criticism, even constructive criticism, they tend to take it as a personal indictment instead of using it to attain personal growth and maturity.

Participation in physical fitness or sports activities becomes an important, often vital way for Cancerians to work out their emotional stress. They are especially adaptable to team sports since they tend to view their team members as part of a family-like group. Favorite Cancerian sports are swimming, fishing, sailing and other water activities. They also enjoy skiing, ice skating, and mountain climbing. Cancerians are creative. Even those who may not have a particular talent can use some type of involvement with art, music, or writing as another method of emotional release, instead of indulging in eating binges or other destructive habits. Living or spending time near the water is a relaxing, as well as creatively stimulating environment for Cancerians.

Cancer colors are white, silver, and pale yellow. Vulnerable parts of the body are the breasts and stomach. Stomach aches, food allergies, and hysterics are the usual afflictions of Cancerians. Cancer rules silver, and the ruby as well as the pearl are considered Cancerian birthstones. The surroundings of a beautiful piece of silver are reflected in its shiny polished surface. Similarly, the emotionally sensitive nature of Cancerians tends to reflect the people and circumstances surrounding them. The ruby, a variety of corundum, is one of the hardest minerals known, while the pearl is soft and easily scratched. These gems uniquely illustrate the two contrasting sides of the Cancerian personality; hard and determined as well as soft and vulnerable. Cancerian flowers are the water lily (lotus), iris, poppy (white), carnation (white) and southern magnolia.

The moon rules desire as opposed to ego, need as opposed to expediency or reason. It describes how you feel about yourself, how you handle relationships, and how you emotionally respond to situations and experiences. It describes the flow of your daily functions; physical, emotional, and mental. The moon represents your residence and domestic environment. It rules babies and young children, your mother and other important females in your life.

Those born with the moon in an Air sign usually respond to situations in a way they think should fit the facts, that is, they act in a way they think others expect them to act, or they imitate the same behavior as others. This gives them the appearance of emotional coolness or non-involvement. Before turning a situation into a physical experience, and before considering the stability or practicality of the thing, or even how they may really feel about it, they tend to do and say what seems appropriate as if it were not really happening to them. In spite of what appears to be their analytical detachment, most of them are loving and loyal in relationships. As Lunar Air Sign personalities, those with moon in Libra don't want to be emotionally compromised, preferring to let go of a relationship if their partner is not equally willing or enthusiastic. As a rule, they are disinclined to live alone. If they are not married or romantically involved, they will be content with an amiable companion. For them to seek a long-term emotional relationship with someone, they must feel an intellectual rapport as well as physical attraction. Their accomplishments are often the direct result of the stimulation and encouragement they receive from other people.

Libra moon personalities are dedicated to getting their own way and accomplishing personal goals. Excellent at planning and preparing projects, they would rather charm others into physically carrying them out. Though excellent at paying attention to details, strategizing, and problem solving in their business or profession, they can be impractical, overindulgent, or inconsistent when it comes to handling personal situations. There is strong attachment to home and family though it may not always be obvious in their life style. In one way or another they experience more than their fair share of good and bad experiences with partners, legal matters, and big decisions. Aesthetic tastes are exhibited, for the most part, in dressing well, interest in art and music, or an attractively decorated home.

Women with moon in Libra have an emotional temperament more inclined to be interested in financial matters, social activities, and intellectual endeavors, than in raising children or taking care of household chores. Men with Libra moon possess a certain streak of domesticity which may show up as an interest in cooking, home furnishings or gardening. There are apt to be one or two strong or influential females in their background. If their mate fails to keep them mentally stimulated, their physical attention tends to wander.

Mercury indicates mental outlook, intellectual endeavors, the way you think and communicate. It represents ideas, methods, and information. It rules your hands and thus your manual dexterity and mechanical skills. Mercury also describes transportation; that is, how you get where you're going physically and mentally. Do you speed with all possible haste or amble along taking a few detours here and there?

Individuals with Mercury in Gemini have a greater-than-average mental orientation. They deal with thoughts and ideas rather than feelings and attitudes. Ideas and thoughts flow with amazing rapidity but they may lack concentration. The slightest distraction can knock out their line of thinking and send them off in entirely new directions. In Gemini, Mercury indicates originality of thought and persuasive powers of articulation. However, these individuals can lack depth of perception and have no patience for detailed analysis. All areas of communication attract them. They are apt to have quick and merry wits, musical talent, mechanical skills, and the ability to mimic the characteristics of others. They like to keep busy (physically as well as mentally), constantly on the go and involved with a myriad of errands and projects all at the same time. Their manner of learning and getting from place to place is liable to be erratic and unpredictable.

Venus rules your social attitudes and behavior, and your aesthetic tastes and inclinations. It is female relationships and social interactions at every level. Venus indicates your values. It describes romance, marriage and other partnerships, capacity for humor, and the pursuit of pleasure.

The social orientation of individuals with natal Venus in Cancer is very much affected by their emotional state at any given time. Sensitive though not particularly shy, they may be the one to take the initiative in relationships. Unless other factors interfere, they enjoy domestic and family life. Even confirmed bachelors with this Venus position tend to keep cozy, well-managed homes in spite of the lack of a spouse or offspring. They are also responsive to the needs and welfare of parents or siblings. Social attitudes and behavior of these individuals are warm and caring, but they can be too possessive and jealous, driving away the very people for whom they care the most.

Mars rules physical energy and efforts. It describes the strength and direction of the physical force that drives your ego, fires your emotions, and encourages your mental endeavors and communicative skills. It describes male relationships and associations, risk-taking inclinations, and the physical challenges you are likely to encounter.

The emotional state of individuals with Mars in Cancer motivates the direction of their physical energies. However, when they are motivated, their efforts are forceful and aimed at accomplishment. They energetically go after what and whom they want. At times their actions can become terribly misguided by possessiveness or jealousy. The Cancerian influence implies a domestic streak, and many efforts may be directed toward family or domestic activities. They are likely to be avid collectors and savers of everything. They engage in such Cancer-ruled jobs as catering, agriculture, building, real estate, family counseling, and areas that involve women or children.

Jupiter rules your potential for growth and expansion on many levels; physical, intellectual, spiritual, cultural, and the accumulation of material assets, power, and status. It describes your optimism and aspirations. It represents your father and his position in society.

Individuals with natal Jupiter in Virgo seek tangible proof of their growth and progress, or at least proof that what they are striving for makes some practical sense. They are very often just as involved with the progress and growth of others as they are with their own, which makes them excellent teachers, counselors or clerics. The idealism associated with both Jupiter and Virgo can be a severe limitation for these individuals when nothing and no one seems good enough or perfect enough to satisfy them. On the other hand, it is their demands for perfection that inspire others to rise above mediocrity.

Saturn rules responsibilities, restrictions and limitations you are apt to encounter, and the lessons you must learn in life. It does not deny or diminish imagination, inspiration, spirituality, and good fortune but it does demand that these things be given structure and meaning.

Individuals with natal Saturn in Aries are invariably faced with the consequences of their actions. They do not usually have the luxury of leaving their actions and reactions up to pure instinct. They are frustrated when they do not succeed because they acted spontaneously. Frustration increases on other occasions when they deliberately move at a slower pace and still fail, realizing too late that they should have acted sooner. Success becomes a matter of learning to control their physical, mental, and emotional reactions, an ability that can only be developed through maturity and experience.

Uranus rules personal as well as societal freedom. It indicates originality of thought and expression. In society it rules radical ideas and people as well as revolutionary events that upset established structures. Uranus takes approximately seven years to transit one sign, taking about 84 years to complete all twelve signs. Since groups of people with Uranus in the same sign are separated by 84 years, the influence of this planet in a sign is generational. The personal implications of Uranus in your life are described by its house position and the aspects it makes with other planets in your natal chart. It describes areas of unpredictability, and where you or your life style may be different than those around you. It relates to the unusual or unique. Friends and associations to which you belong are also indicated, as is your potential involvement with science and technology, computers, and the media.

Virgo does not necessarily want to change things. Virgo inspires improvement and the ability to make proper use of what is already at hand. It will be up to the generation of individuals with natal Uranus in Virgo to explore new methods, concepts, and technology that enable society to deal more efficiently with existing resources, products, and institutions.

Neptune rules those who are oppressed or abandoned; the misfits of society. On a higher level it rules visionaries, and those who are glamorous and charismatic. It represents spirituality, mysticism, and ideals. Neptune is in one sign for approximately thirteen years, taking about 164 years to complete its cycle through all twelve signs. Since 164 years separate people born during its transit of one sign and those born when it returns, Neptune's significance in any sign is described as generational or historical. On a personal level, Neptune's house position and the aspects it makes with other planets in your natal chart will describe spirituality, abstract thinking, illusion, disillusionment, and other areas of your life where things aren't always what they seem. It rules derangement, guilt, persecution, and describes the potential for experiences related to confinement, abandonment, and addiction or physical intolerance to drugs.

The latest period of Neptune in Scorpio was 1955-1970 and the influence of Neptune in Scorpio had observable impact. Sexual codes (Scorpio) prior to the 60's dissolved (a Neptunian influence). Sexually explicit material invaded the media and everyday life. Drugs and creation of a counter-culture eroded the family and traditional values (Neptune). Spying and secret surveillance (Scorpio) in public and private life were evident in fact and fiction.

Pluto takes approximately 248 years to make one cycle through all twelve signs. The period Pluto spends in each sign can vary from twelve years to thirty two years due to the eccentricity of its orbit. Like atomic energy (a force ruled by Pluto), the presence and direction of Pluto's energy are never obvious until it is used. Pluto's influence in any sign is interpreted as generational or historical. In your personal life, Pluto's significance is interpreted from its house position and the aspects it makes to other natal planets in your horoscope. Pluto rules intense energy, and describes the areas in which you consciously or subconsciously seek to exercise power or control. Pluto is also linked to your karmic responsibility, and in this respect, it describes the areas where you must gain the deepest level of understanding.

Pluto's last period in Virgo was 1957-1971. Virgo rules health, practical applications of science and technology, and the work force. During the recent Pluto transit in Virgo, the general state of America's health and welfare underwent unprecedented changes, computers came of age, and the once powerful unions experienced great loss of influence.

In Part Two you will read about the twelve houses of the horoscope. The houses represent areas of life in which you operate on a daily basis. You will read descriptions of how you handle the circumstances you encounter in each of these areas, according to your nature, personality and other traits as they are outlined in Part One.

The first house and the sign that rules the first house, which is also known as the Ascendant or Rising sign, describes your outer personality and physical attributes. To some extent it also describes your health and the type of illnesses you may experience.

A Libra Ascendant indicates those with energetic, success-oriented personalities. In one way or another they are dedicated to putting their best foot forward. They are apt to be so charming and unfailingly polite, others may sometimes view them as being insincere. However, this is not necessarily the case. It is how they genuinely feel most comfortable and are able to function successfully, rather than a misguided need to hide behind false manners and charming smiles.

Libra Rising implies a distinct mental orientation. Their expressions and mannerisms can make them appear scholarly, even if they aren't particularly learned. They are apt to be fond of books, music, or art. Though they may seem emotionally detached, their disposition is friendly and eagerly cooperative. However, should something in their physical or mental environment be off balance, they can become cross, demanding, and even tyrannical, until they manage once again to gain their personal equilibrium.

Libra is ruled by Venus, planet of sensuality and beauty, and as a result many of these individuals are fortunate enough to be physically attractive. Even if they are not thought of as being physically beautiful their charming personality will enhance their actual appearance. They are fond of personal luxuries, physical comfort, dressing well, and enhancing their appearance with cosmetics and other beauty aids. Venus is the planet of romance and sociability, and with respect to these areas, they are likely to be favored. They are romantic, charming, and gracious. They may have a strong spirit of cooperation and diplomacy, but not all of them possess the Libra ability for strategic planning and organization. The negative potential includes the possibility of individuals who are shy, rude or antisocial. It also can mean individuals with either total disregard for their appearance, or the reverse, a vain obsession with retaining youth and beauty at all costs.

They are likely to be artistically or musically skilled. Interior design, architecture and the law are other areas in which they have particular interest. These individuals are often as good at taking photographs as they are at posing for them. Common physical complaints are apt to be lack of energy, and ailments that result from addiction to rich foods, particularly sweets.

Moon in the first house indicates individuals with personal magnetism as well as personal ambition. In spite of this, they are emotionally vulnerable and can be highly influenced by others. Their personality and even their physical appearance are subject to constant change. They may, for example, adopt the latest fashions or mode of behavior to assure themselves of being accepted. To cover up any real or perceived weakness in themselves, they are apt to follow one of two paths. Either they work twice as hard as anyone else usually becoming very successful in the bargain, or, they avoid failure by not doing anything at all. They may be successful and competent individuals on the outside but they need continual reassurance on an emotional level. They are apt to be guided or assisted in life by women, or one female in particular. Even so, they constantly seek advice from one source or another.

Moon square Venus indicates individuals who find it difficult to gain the cooperation of others. They have to prove themselves in some way before they are accepted or helped, and even at that, their success is more often a result of their own efforts than because others went out of their way to assist them. Sometimes they are discouraged in reaching their personal goals because of financial and family burdens that slow them down. However, the energy of frustrations in this respect is often turned into constructive channels that lead to their ultimate success.

MOON square MARS
Moon square Mars indicates those who usually succeed because of their energetic and tireless perseverance. If they try ten things, maybe only one will work, but in the end that one thing will be what matters. They are inclined to aggressiveness and even rudeness, quick temper, and the inclination to be too hasty in judgments, allowing their emotions to overrule logical thought. Once they control haste, anger or impatience, their physical and emotional energy begins to work for them and not against them, and they accomplish everything they set out to do.

The second house describes material assets, how you handle monetary income, and the potential ways it may be earned. It also indicates the values and priorities you establish throughout life.

Scorpio ruling the second house indicates intense desires. These individuals may, for example, focus so intensely on attaining some goal that almost everything and everyone else becomes meaningless. They are likely to find it difficult, if not impossible, to give up one thing to attain another. Learning to control and handle money is one of their biggest lessons. Those who hoard it, must learn to spend it. Those who tend to be reckless spenders have to either give up control of their assets to someone who will handle it for them, or even better, learn to do it themselves. There is a potential for complete regeneration of their financial status. In fact there may be many new beginnings when it comes to assets, values, and priorities. They experience definite periods when they feel the need to reject certain values or priorities and, as a result, set about making a complete new slate. Whether or not they succeed at starting over again depends on other factors in their personalities and background. It is more likely they will leave inheritances than be the recipients of such benefactions, although there is potential their marriage partners will gain through inheritance.

Individuals with Neptune in the second house must preserve what they value or it may be lost, sometimes even before they realize that such a danger exists. These individuals may never quite figure out what it is they truly value. So attuned to higher planes of consciousness, they may put far more value on their soul than on their bank account. There is strong potential for bankruptcy, or at least a steady erosion of assets. The influence of Neptune can mean these individuals pay little heed to their financial status and as a result, may always live on the edge of debt. Some may go in the opposite direction and develop paranoia about losing their assets. They suspect everyone of trying to cheat them. There is potential for the income of these individuals to be derived through Neptune-related areas such as photography, movies, chemicals, oil, boats, religion, water (maritime industries or activities), dancing, theater, or work involving handicapped, confined, or underprivileged people. These individuals may have a difficult time setting or sticking to priorities. They may get sympathy, understanding, or money from the father, but whatever he provides is not likely to be what they may need the most.

Neptune sextile Pluto is an aspect of extremely long duration. The current sextile between these two planets has been affecting generations for the last forty years. This long term Neptune aspect influences on society represents constant opportunities to change the course of existing structures and pave the way for new ones. Those who will live under the influence of the other aspects (i. e. , conjunction, square, trine, and opposition) as they occur between these planets in the future will have to deal with the ideologies and other societal institutions that we have had the opportunities to create.

The third house describes your mental state, intellectual orientation, self-expression and communication, early education, mechanical dexterity and skills, immediate environment (neighborhood), and siblings. It indicates physical actions, and transportation, especially within your immediate environment. To a certain extent the third house also describes the job or health of your father.

Sagittarius ruling the third house indicates those with propensity for wanting to use their mental abilities but with no guarantee they will do so in a scholarly way. They are restless and independent. These traits engender a preference for learning things on their own, going in whatever direction their interests and curiosity lead rather than plodding through repetitious lessons. They need to expand their intellects even if all they do is read the newspaper, though many of them would like to publish it as well. They are likely to enjoy writing, telling humorous stories, giving endless advice, and sharing all the latest gossip. Sagittarius influencing the third house can mean mechanical ability, artistic skills, and the potential to develop great spirituality or idealism. Many of these individuals become very involved with community activities and local politics. The negative potential can mean they are totally disorganized, unwilling to take responsibility for anyone, and physically awkward, sometimes to the point of being accident prone.

The fourth house describes your residence, domestic environment, and family members, especially your mother. It indicates the beginning as well as the end of various cycles in your life.

Capricorn ruling the fourth house indicates individuals who may be deprived or restricted concerning some aspect related to their home and family life. In many cases it indicates loss of a parent or that one parent must bear the responsibility for being both mother and father. For these individuals, one of the biggest lessons in life involves parental relationships and family responsibilities. How they learn to handle these matters is in large measure, the key to their happiness and success as adults. Capricorn's influence indicates the possibility of being homebound, unable through illness or disease to leave the confines of their residences. Whatever their actual childhood environment or family history may be, they are given to harboring great concern over it. As adults, their concern may be expanded to include aspects of their own homes and families. They tend to have definite, inflexible ideas of how things should be managed on the domestic front, or the Capricorn influence causes many of them to completely dismiss any notion of having a family life. By choice or circumstances they may live in austere surroundings, or as boarders rather than in homes of their own. On the positive side, this influence implies the possibility of living in one residence for many years perhaps an entire lifetime, stable relations with family members, and longevity.

The fifth house describes your creative talent and imaginative powers, capacity for enjoyment and the pursuit of pleasure, romance, children, and speculative ventures.

Aquarius ruling the fifth house indicates those who can expect some romantic encounters that may be viewed by others (and perhaps even by themselves) as unusual or abnormal. Other possibilities include romances that end suddenly, or abrupt separation from sweethearts. There is no predicting their attitudes toward romance and love making. They may be avant garde, or simply take the opposite view from current popular opinion. If for example, current morality accommodates lack of sexual restraint these individuals may be in favor of traditional discretion, and if current acceptable behavior is orthodox, they may be all the more liberal in their views about sexual practices. They may possess unusual or unorthodox artistic talent, unusual entertainment preferences and, they are apt to be entertained by the strange and unusual. Their children may be unusual or distinguished in some way. Women with Aquarius ruling the fifth house often have difficulty conceiving children, or do not bear children at all, preferring to concentrate creative energies elsewhere. Men with Aquarius ruling the fifth house may father children they do not raise, or raise children they did not father.

The sixth house describes your job, daily responsibilities (paid and unpaid), and those who work for or with you. It also represents your health, and physical fitness.

Pisces ruling the sixth houses indicates those who are apt to find employment in marine biology, the fishing industry, the navy, maritime services and operations, photography, chemistry, psychology, medicine (especially homeopathy, podiatry, or cosmetic surgery), or in areas that specifically involve the feet (which could mean anything from working in a shoe store to being a dancer). Other likely jobs may be working with the handicapped, minorities, or those confined in some way. These individuals are apt to work alone or in isolated environments. There may be confusion related to job assignments, or failure to get recognition for their work. Secrecy, deception and fraud may also be connected to their jobs. Co-workers may be addicted to drugs or alcohol or associated with scandal. They are apt to have idealistic, perhaps even unrealistic, ideas about their jobs. The negative potential can mean hypochondria or illnesses that are difficult to diagnose or treat. Caution is advised with regard to taking medication since they may be sensitive to drugs, medicine and anesthetics.

The seventh house relates to marriage and partnership or joint ventures of any kind. It describes how you interact with people and how others tend to regard you. The seventh house is associated with legal matters, negotiations, contracts, and all open confrontations, pleasant as well as adversarial.

Aries ruling the seventh house indicates individuals who concentrate much vitality and energy in dealing with other people, marriage, and business partnerships. They rely on these same sources to engender the spirit of energy and vitality within themselves. Being cut off from the stimulation of other people, or forced to continually act alone, can be detrimental. On the other hand, as much as they may need others, marriage or business partnerships may not always be easy for them to establish. Aries on the seventh house indicates there is also danger of their energy being sapped or overshadowed by the demands of overly aggressive partners. They are apt to encounter more than their share of open confrontations, and in fact, many of these individuals seek careers in law, contract negotiation, or other fields which imply constant adversarial situations. Whatever their occupations, they are likely to possess excellent strategic skills. The negative possibilities of Aries on the seventh house include individuals who attract argumentative partners or who tend to experience violent confrontations with others, or those who may lose their partners through accident.

For those with Saturn in the seventh house, the biggest lessons in life involve relationships and how well they relate to other people in general. It is hard for them to establish quick or light-hearted contacts with others. Whether or not these individuals encourage it, others may regard them as an authority figure or at least very competent in some area. As a result, they either keep themselves in a constant state of turmoil trying to live up to what they think others expect of them, or they may totally avoid making commitments to others. They are apt to experience difficulty in getting others to cooperate. For them, marriage will not be without responsibilities. They may not succeed should they marry in haste, or their spouse may be sickly or a burden in some way. Other potentials include those for whom marriage is simply an easy path to security, those who marry someone much older, and those who develop such negative opinions about marriage that they avoid it altogether. In spite of these possibilities, Saturn does not doom the prospects for wedded bliss. Many of these individuals enjoy stable, long-lasting unions. If adversity does come along, it can make the alliance even stronger. Others may think these individuals have gained little or nothing by marriage. However, these individuals, as well as their spouses, may not share or be the least bit adversely influenced by such outside opinions.

The eighth house is related to taxes, debt, death, legacies, and the income you receive through marriage or business partner(s). It describes your resourcefulness, and your ability to develop and use material assets as well as personal skills and abilities. The eighth house also indicates sexual attitudes and behavior.

Taurus ruling the eighth house indicates individuals who are apt to need a direct reason for attempting small talk, a skill in which they may have limited ability and even less patience. When they want something or someone, they will apply persistent pressure and great will power to succeed. An eighth house Taurus influence indicates the possibility of jealousy and possessiveness when it involves sex and romance. They may be very concerned with conservation of all resources, which includes personal finances, joint income or corporate funds. There is also the potential for experiencing financial gain through their marriage or business partnerships. Negative potential for Taurus on the eighth house includes individuals who may deliberately marry for financial gain and increased social status. There is also an implication of financial loss or loss of social status through marriage, sexually related disease, or neurotic social tendencies. Taurus on the eight house implies individuals who may be remarkably adept at research and those who inherit monetary assets and/or artistic abilities.

The ninth house describes higher education, advanced training, publishing, publicity, advertising, politics, foreign travel, foreign studies, religious and philosophical views and activities, and cultural pursuits. It relates to court decisions, a second marriage, and in-laws. To a certain extent the ninth house also describes the job or health of your mother.

Gemini ruling the ninth house indicates the likelihood of individuals who have interest in higher education, publishing, religion, and foreign cultures. It is also an indication of a strong desire to travel to foreign countries and the possibility that they may receive their education in a foreign country. There is also the potential of earning advanced degrees in more than one subject. Writers with this Gemini influence are apt to be published. Others may end up in advertising, sales, diplomacy, the judicial system, anthropology, travel, teaching, or politics. The negative potential includes those who lack means with which to pursue advanced degrees, or those who lack ability or patience to pursue a formal education. Other possibilities are a poor memory, learning disabilities, noncommunicative nature, troubled relations with in-laws, or limited mechanical skills. The influence of Gemini on the ninth house may mean their marriage partners may have a twin or be the sibling of a pair of twins.

Mercury in the ninth house indicates those likely to be involved with higher education, philosophy, religion, art, or foreign cultures and societies. It indicates travel to foreign countries as well as receiving advanced education or training in a foreign country, and/or earning advanced degrees in more than one subject. Many of these individuals also seek to learn what they need or want to know on their own. The negative potential of this Mercury house position includes lacking the means with which to pursue advanced degrees, or lack of intellectual ability or motivation to pursue higher education. Other possibilities include those with poor memory, learning disabilities, non-communicative nature, troubled relations with in-laws, or limited mechanical ability. Mercury's positive influence suggests an excellent scholar, salesperson, promoter, diplomat, stockbroker, court stenographer or reporter, spokesperson, anthropologist, politician, linguist, critic, writer, or working in some branch of the media.

Opportunities that allow individuals with Mercury sextile Saturn to demonstrate or make use of intellectual or technical skills usually come through meticulous planning or the contacts they make with older, established, or more experienced individuals. This aspect is a good indication that diligence in developing their intelligence and skills makes them highly deserving of attention and help they receive.

When it comes to expressing ideas, the thoughts generated by those with Mercury Uranus are either futuristic concepts or center around the past. This does not leave the success of their endeavors in jeopardy, but can cause confusion in trying to get projects off the ground when those around them believe they are too far ahead of the times or too far behind. They are apt to be clever and original thinkers. One of their complaints is having to look after boring details, and one of their problems is keeping track of papers and information no matter how organized they are.

Mercury square Pluto indicates those who want to succeed, and success they do attain is likely to result from frustrations they encounter. Their intellectual perceptions are keenly analytical. They know how to go about doing things, and if laziness or some other factor does not interfere, they get what they want. They enjoy knowing how things work, especially the psychology of human behavior.

Mars in the ninth house indicates those who concentrate much energy and vitality on higher education or specialized training. Politics, sports, philosophy, art, religion, sociology, music, publishing, foreign studies and travel are likely to attract them. Even though they may not be involved professionally, they are likely to pursue some type of active involvement in one of these areas. Mars in the ninth house also indicates those who are lawyers, judges, or spokespersons, and those who work in direct mail, advertising or broadcasting. Home may be where their heart is, but not necessarily where their many and varied interests take them. They spend more time running around than they do at home. Negative factors in their personality or background can mean those who become frantic in their actions and fanatically zealous about ideas. It also signifies problems related to higher education, unfavorable court decisions, or disagreements with in-laws. The positive influence of Mars suggests individuals with a lively, risk-taking nature that urges them to constantly seek higher levels of understanding, and new adventures and experiences beyond their immediate environment.

SUN in 9th HOUSE
Sun in the ninth house indicates those whose personal identification is with the world at large. To find the success they desire, they must go beyond their immediate environment and reach for broader experiences and knowledge. They must establish contact with the many rather than the few. Theirs is a generous, risk-taking nature with the capacity to enjoy the best that life offers. Professional status can become overly important. The negative potential of this sun house position includes those who are bombastic, morally righteous, or pseudointellectual, as well as those who experience difficulty with in-laws and unfavorable court decisions. The positive side of the sun's influence includes potential for intellectual gifts, physical or athletic skills, linguistic ability, and personal independence.

SUN square MOON
Sun square Moon indicates those more capable than most in finding situations and relationships in which they are egotistically satisfied as well as emotionally fulfilled. However, for such relationships to be successful they will nevertheless have to make some inner adjustments of one kind or another. They nearly always succeed once they have learned that the key to most things they want lies in their willingness to give up one thing in order to get another.

SUN conjunct VENUS
These individuals usually possess natural charm and social ease. Their egos are tied into their relations and interactions with others. They need to be liked and seek a wide variety of social contacts. The negative side of this aspect includes those who are antisocial and shun the company of others, or become rude and hostile. They are susceptible to flattery and not above using it themselves with successful effect. They are apt to be attracted to art, music, and beauty in all forms. Unless there are negative factors in their personalities or backgrounds to discourage such traits, they have good humor and the ability to flirt without offense.

SUN conjunct MARS
These individuals are apt to have innately restless natures. This restlessness may be apparent in their constant competitiveness, inability to settle down, or tendency to practically kill themselves with overwork. There is a good bit of self-absorption and, though they may not be intentionally selfish, they can be careless about the feelings of others. They are apt to get caught up in a certain amount of possessiveness, jealousy, and quick anger, but these feelings may not last too long and they are nearly always generous enough to forget the grievance and quickly get on with other things.

The tenth house describes your career and other long-range goals, public reputation, superiors and those in authority. It also relates to your father and his influence in your life.

Cancer ruling the tenth house indicates individuals who are often the center of attention. They may or may not consciously seek public acclaim but, in fact, this tenth house Cancerian influence is found in the charts of many famous people. They may seek public attention if not always public approval which can include the possibility of becoming infamous as well as famous. Though they may not be able to gain widespread fame, they may nevertheless claim their share by being lecturers, sermonizers, politicians or public figures on some level. They have deep emotional identification with their public reputation, career, or long range goals. The potential is for unusually close relationships with one of their parents, or one parent has to play the role of both father and mother. A tenth house Cancerian influence is also an indication they will enter the family business or the same career as that of a parent, most likely that of the father. Other possible career choices or goals of these individuals are in areas directly related to women, babies, housing, or food.

Venus in the tenth house indicates those who tend to get noticed because of their talent, looks, charming personality, or all three of these assets. Unless factors in their background have resulted in the development of shyness or other inhibitions, they derive a great deal of pleasure from performing in public. They are excellent ad libers, impromptu speechifiers and toastmasters. Negative potential includes those who become an over dramatic, non-appeasable seeker of the spotlight who selfishly uses relationships to further their own career or goals. It can also mean difficult relationships with family and authority figures. The positive influence of Venus suggests great popularity and friends in prominent positions. The father may be especially handsome or possess artistic talent.

VENUS conjunct MARS
Venus conjunct Mars indicates those with an aura of warmth and vitality that lies close to the surface. It is very attractive to others though they may not exactly realize what it is that makes these individuals so appealing. They are oriented toward careers or aggressively pursuing other important goals. As a rule they can usually be counted on to have an enthusiastic response to sexual encounters. This aspect also implies those with either talent for art or the appreciation of it.

The eleventh house rules friendships, organizations to which you belong, and income derived from self-employment or career (as opposed to wages earned from a job). It relates to the role you play in the lives of others as child, parent, lover, spouse, friend, social or business associate. The eleventh house also describes your hopes and aspirations and capacity for happiness.

LEO on 11th HOUSE
Leo ruling the eleventh house indicates those whose egos are expressed through friendships and other social contacts and activities. They are apt to be involved, either professionally or on a volunteer basis, with fraternal associations and organizations of one kind or another. This Leo influence suggests leadership ability, but whether they actually seek such positions or leadership is given to them, must be determined by other factors in their natal charts. They are likely to be excellent managers of organizations but may be inattentive or inefficient in handling their own affairs. They may have great business acumen which leads to personal wealth and status, but they are not necessarily devoted to making use of assets they accumulate. Instead they may remain in humble surroundings that do not require their attention or care. The potential is that they have much broader goals and don't care to be bothered with the confining ownership of many material possessions. Whatever their attitude may be toward having material possessions, they are likely to feel they can never have too many friends, physical pleasures, or amusements.

Jupiter in the eleventh house indicates those who derive much happiness and joy through friends, children, and social contacts. They are very optimistic and enjoy everything life has to offer. These individuals are likely to gain personal growth and advancement through their network of friends and acquaintances. If they have no motivation or opportunity to make friends or join groups and associations, their progress may suffer accordingly. Sometimes these individuals collect more friends and acquaintances than a single lifetime can handle. They may feel they are friends with someone even though the association consists of nothing more than a single brief meeting. The negative potential includes those who never settle for anything less than the best and seek to attain the highest social status, no matter what the cost or whether it is obtained at the expense of more important values. It also implies those who find it difficult to ever be content, always wanting more than they have.

The twelfth house describes the private and hidden side of life; your subconscious mind, dreams, the past, and those who wish you harm or work against your interests. The twelfth house relates to sorrow, disappointment, loss, solitude or confinement, hidden fears and worry. It also has connection with the job or health of your marriage or business partner.

Virgo ruling the twelfth house indicates the likelihood these individuals keep many of their ideas and thoughts to themselves. They or their marriage partner may be involved in labor negotiations, teaching, religious counseling, or work with communication or computers connected with hospitals, prisons, charitable institutions, and mental institutions. They are attracted to mental orientations that go beyond the physical planes, such as the subconscious, dreams, and extra sensory perception, but many of them must first be convinced there is a useful application of such knowledge before they embark on a prolonged or serious investigation. Their thoughts and ideas are not always based on logical reasoning but may just as often be the result of instinct or intuition. Sometimes this type of thinking works, and sometimes they need to get a clearer sense of reality. The negative potential implies the possibility of being a prisoner of their own minds with guilt, fear, and self-pity as constant companions. The positive influence implies an acute understanding of the valuable lessons of the past, and the ability to wisely counsel others who are depressed or have suffered loss.

Pluto in the twelfth house indicates those who are keenly alert to their dreams, subconscious mind, and psychic energy. Many of these individuals pursue their understanding in these things in order to gain the hidden strength and power that comes from such awareness. Other potentials for Pluto's twelfth house influence include those who are involved in secret activities, and those who learn to sublimate their physical desires into mystical experiences. Whether or not they get involved in the occult or subconscious mind, most of these individuals are intensely private. They prefer to exercise their influence behind the scenes, and they may deliberately hide their monetary assets and other resources. They may actively seek a solitary existence. Pluto's influence also indicates those whose marriage partner may work in research and development, the funeral business, or areas that involve secrecy or managing public resources.

Uranus in the twelfth house is an indication of those who may subconsciously fear giving up their personal independence. Though these individuals may have no trouble getting to sleep, their job or other circumstances may require them to sleep at odd hours. These individuals must learn to properly relax, and many of them develop an interest in TM or other methods that help them achieve inner peace and tranquility. The job and health of a marriage partner is vulnerable to sudden or unexpected change. Their spouse may also introduce them to unconventional or unorthodox ideas and methods regarding health and physical fitness. Other potentials of Uranus in the twelfth house include hidden friendships or activities with friends, membership in a secret society, and illegal activities that may or may not represent a subconscious need to rebel against authority.

Uranus sextile Neptune only applies to those born from the mid-to late 1960's. Its influence on society is to provide opportunities for the arts, idealism, spirituality, and especially the advancement of minority classes. How this affects individual born in this generation depends on other factors in their personalities and backgrounds, but they will be personally affected by a world more sensitive to civil rights, the handicapped and other underprivileged members of society.

Uranus conjunct Pluto occurs about every 171 years, the last time being the mid-1960's. The revolutionary character of its influence in the United States was seen in the enormous personal and public crisis over issues like the Vietnam War and the fast emerging drug culture. The influence may or may not affect individuals born in this generation personally but it will have much to do with how their generation runs the world in the next century.