How to Read Your Astrology Jewelry

To read your necklace or bracelet, you must first line it up in a circle so that it is properly oriented. Look for a small blue-and-green Azurite-Malachite bead that looks like the Earth. It's right next to a ribbed silver bead.

This Earth bead and silver bead together mark the Ascendant, or the beginning of your chart. Place on the table in a circle at 9:00, with the silver bead OVER the Earth. You may need to flip the jewelry.

This silver bead marks the first house, the first pie slice in the chart. The Earth tells you which way to read, counter-clockwise.

Moving counter-clockwise (downwards), look for a smooth silver bead. That's the marker for the 2nd house, the next pie slice on the chart. Now look for the next smooth silver bead - that marks the 3rd house. The next silver bead is again ribbed; not only does it mark the 4th house, but it's one of the Angles, one of the main house cusps marking North, South, East and West. Continue around the circle, looking at all 12 houses.

As you work your way around, you'll also find tiny gold beads. These mark the 12 zodiac cusps, where the sky changes from one zodiac constellation to another. The Sun Sign for your jewelry is where the sun falls between two gold beads.

The Planets are the semi-precious gemstones - they look like the planets in color and size. The postcard tells you which stones are which.

The colored glass or gemstone 4mm beads count the degrees around the circle. The whole circle equals 360°, and there are 30 degrees in each of the 12 zodiac segments. Each bead equals a specific number of degrees depending on the length of your jewelry.

The degrees are counted from 0 to the degree number, so just as you turn 1 on your first birthday, a planet landing at 15° 03' will be found on the next bead after 15. If two planets or a planet & house are in conjunction and land within the same degree range, they'll be side-by-side and still count as one bead.