Ideas into Action

Ideas into Action jewelry helps you achieve your goals and vision by bringing a project into being. If you're trying to get a business, event, or dream started, these bracelets and necklaces can help!

Each manifestation talisman comes with a full-color postcard
 with affirmations you can use to focus your thoughts and achieve your dreams! Use the jewelry like a rosary or mala to activate the intention of each bead.

Listen to MaryJean Kidd explain how they work.

Point at each bead in the picture to see what it does.

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  1. Uranus: Aventurine. 5th House, pleasure. In Aquarius: I idealize a future, and the innovator within me expresses this through creative energy.
  2. Jupiter: Botswana Agate. 6th House, service. Also in Aquarius. I am drawn to a profession where I can make a difference. I want my day-to-day experiences to be fresh and new.
  3. Moon: Moonstone. 9th House, exploration. In Taurus. I experience strong grounded emotions in my search for higher truth. I seek out the big picture.
  4. 10th House, career. All planets in Gemini. Sun: Pewter and Brass. I will make my mark on this world and be recognized for my ability to communicate my vision and knowledge. Mercury: Hematite. An infusion of pure mental energy. Saturn: Tiger’s Eye. I work hard, and discipline & structure my thought process. I challenge myself to be sure my logic is valid. Venus: African Picture Jasper. I bring love to my creation process and feel good about what I bring to the world. Pluto: Red Jasper. I am transformed and empowered in the world through understanding concepts and processing information.
  5. 11th House, friends. Neptune: Sodalite. In Cancer. I want my ideas to serve others, and use my efforts to heal the larger group or community.
  6. Part of Fortune: Citrine. Luck and opportunities come when creative ideas (Uranus in the 5th) are implemented for humanity or groups (w/ Mars in Leo).
  7. Mars: Carnelian. In Leo. My creative leadership encourages inspired ideas, and fires up those around me to help bring them into fruition.

Each manifestation talisman comes with a full-color postcard with affirmations you can use to focus your thoughts and achieve your dreams!

  1. Read the Postcard that came with the jewelry to learn what each bead does. Work around the jewelry bead by bead spending time with each Planet and its astrological interpretation.
  2. Think about which affirmations you're already good at, and pat yourself on the back!
  3. Figure out which affirmations are your biggest barriers. If you could change one thing about how you go about things, how would you act differently?
  4. Play with any beads that have a meaning you want to enhance in your life.
  5. If you have a bad habit you want to break, focus on the bead that best represents the issue. Play with the bead as a reminder not to do it! This works best when you catch yourself in the act, so you can stop immediately and try a different approach.
  6. Just simply wear the jewelry. You're calling down Universal Energy in an optimized configuration. By surrounding yourself with this positive vibe, you'll notice unusual "coincidences" that reveal your growth!
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