Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius in the 9th house. Jupiter represents optimism, generosity, philanthropy, luck, philosophy, and foreign cultures.

People with a strong Jupiter may be large in size, loud in voice, or simply command attention when they walk into a room.

Jupiter orbits around the sun almost every 12 years, so you can look at each 12-year segment in your life as a new way of expressing your philosophy in the world.

Jupiter coaches and encourages people to overcome obstacles to achieve their greatest desires. Jupiter is a loyal friend. Used negatively, Jupiter can be boastful and tends towards overdoing (overeat, overspend, etc.)

The location of Jupiter in your natal chart indicates the area of life where you can express expansive philosophy. In the 9th house, you may love to travel or pursue higher spiritual or educational goals. Jupiter governs the liver and diseases caused by excess.