Learn Astrology

Astrology Basics

Astrology is an art that blends science with metaphysics.

It examines the physical locations of the planets, houses, and zodiac in our solar system relative to each other, prescribing consistent meanings to the relationships.

That different astrological systems have been developed independently by the Vedic, Chinese, Western, and Kabbilistic cultures indicates that there is more to the universe than nine simple planetary orbits!

What is done with this information is up to the individual. Horoscope columns abound in newspapers, but we all have experienced the inconsistency there. I was a skeptic until I began making jewelry; after running hundreds of charts and seeing that no two were alike, and each suited the owner, I relented.

What are Astrology Charts?

Your own personal astrological chart is a visual way of mapping the positions of the elements of our Solar System as they were at a particular moment in time, centered around a particular location.

For example, a chart of your birth, called a Natal Horoscope or Birth Chart, shows the exact locations of the Sun, Moon, and the planets at the moment you were born, relative to the city you were born in.

An astrological chart also identifies the positions of the zodiac in the sky. For example, if you know yourself as an Aquarius, this means the Sun was in the constellation Aquarius at the time of your birth.

Astrological charts also contain Houses, a sort of "stage" upon which your life plays out. Houses identify key areas of your personality: your outlook, possessions, family, attitude, health, relationships, career, spirituality, and friends (to name a few).

The combination of all these factors creates a unique picture of your own personality. You can use the descriptions at this site to analyze your personality and how you came to be who you are.

Astrology Vs. Astronomy

We use Astrology to interpret, predict and understand our lives, but people sometimes get wrapped up in whether Astrology is real or not.

Astrology is just a systematic interpretation of Astronomy, and many people don’t realize that an Astrology chart is simply a map of where everything is in the solar system (and beyond) at a particular moment in time.

Think about the Astrology chart wheel as if you were in the center looking at the horizon. Over there, by that tree, is Saturn... and over there, near that building, is Mars!

Alicia starting studying astrology when she was taking an astronomy course. She realized that Zodiac Signs were the constellations of stars going around the ecliptic! She started reading up on astrology and realized that there really was consistency to the personality traits, and got hooked.

Understanding and Using Astrology

The information contained here are general guidelines. Astrology is not a fated, carved-in-stone art/science. Each planet and each house has a positive and a negative interpretation. Astrology is an organic system to help you through life. It is your responsibility to choose to live your life at the highest level of integrity that the signs, planets, and houses represent.

The important thing to remember when looking at your chart is that you must look at the entire chart, not just isolated segments.