Mars is the "ruling planet" of Aries. The month of March is named after Mars. Mars indicates your power, aggressions, and initiative. Its red color is the result of high iron content, causing it to be interpreted by the ancient Babylonians as firey and warlike.

Mars was the Roman god of war, and Ares the god of agriculture.

As a result, the Red Planet has always been a favorite in science fiction, with scores of books written about violent martian attacks, as well as our colonizing of the planet.

The warrior planet helps you to achieve your ambitions in the world. On the positive level, you assert yourself to manifest core level goals. Negatively, it can be repressed anger, the need to win at any cost, or excessive reliance on the physical (like sex without love).

Mars gets you moving towards your goals. The natal house placement of Mars in your chart tells you where you direct your ambition. A 2nd house Mars in Taurus may like to remodel houses in order to sell them for a substantial profit. A 6th house Mars in Taurus may become a massage therapist in order to earn a living healing others.

Mars is associated with headaches, cuts, gunshot wounds, burns, rashes, and red blood cells.