Our Jewelry

Custom JewelryOnce in a lifetime you come across a completely original concept...meet Wandering Star Astrology Jewelry! 

Blending the science of astronomy with the art of astrology, each piece is a mathematically accurate map of the entire solar system - from gemstone planets to gold zodiac constellations. 

Our necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are both pretty and powerful. What are you working on in your life? We make talismans that serve as guides to focus on what changes you want to make, areas you want to improve. Ready to solve problems with your health, money, self-esteem, or your relationship? Be the best person you can be! 

Even if you're more interested in astronomy than astrology, the beauty and meaning of every bead shines through. The perfect birthday gift! 

All our jewelry is handmade in the USA with intention and integrity.