Part of Fortune

The Part of Fortune is a mathematically derived sensitive point in your chart. The symbol in your chart is a circle with an “X” inside it.

The Part of Fortune is the exact amount of degrees and minutes distant from the Ascendant as the Moon is distant from the Sun. It is calculated differently for day and night births:

For a.m. births, POF = Ascendant + Moon - Sun
For p.m. births, POF = Ascendant + Sun - Moon

The Part of Fortune is an ancient Arabic interpretive element usually associated with the physical body, especially health and money. As its name implies, it is an area of your chart that is benevolent, especially when activated by a transiting planet.

The POF indicates your worldly success, prosperity, and talents. It represents what you like to do, what you're good at, and what you'll be successful doing.