Pluto is the Ruling Planet of Scorpio, meaning that its energy reflects the same type of energy as the Zodiac sign. Pluto is one of the planets that make astrologers shudder because it represents our deepest darkest subconscious, and is considered somewhat malefic.

Dark red in color and consisting mostly of ice, Pluto exasperates astronomers as well. Its orbit is eccentric; instead of traveling in a circle like the other planets, its orbit is oval, and is sometimes closer to the sun than Neptune. And is it a planet or not? While we've been taught for decades that Pluto is our planet farthest from the Sun, it was recently declassified and is now considered an asteroid instead!

Astrologers continue to consider it a planet when doing interpretation.

Pluto is raw energy... cataclysm, disaster and annihilation, as well as ecstasy, monetary windfalls, revolution, rebirth and renewal. He represents what we both fear and desire - the cycle of life, death and rebirth, the secrets of the universe, the occult mysteries, the explosive interplays between men and women, the miracles of life.

Pluto is a higher octave of the aggressive planet Mars. When Pluto transits a planet in your chart, you may experience a cataclysmic transformation, a death to life as you knew it!

Just keep in mind that you are always growing and changing. No matter how stressful, Pluto's influence remains one of transformation.