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What are the best signs for romantic partnership? This question is asked of astrologers on a regular basis. The answer is that there is no simple answer. Consider that each person has ten planets (including the Sun and Moon), twelve zodiac signs, and twelve houses, not to mention asteroids, nodes, and changing dynamics called transits and progressions.

All relationship compatibility consultations show challenges and opportunities in every partnership. Every astrologer has seen relationships work that “should not” work. And, they have seen relationships fail that “should” work. You can also take this question to a spiritual level. Perhaps there was a soul-level contract made prior to birth for a couple to come together to work on a specific aspect of life (i.e. Opening to unconditional love, working on abandonment issues, etc.). In such a case, it may be that the eye-popping romance was not intended to last forever. Perhaps it was to just work on that one issue, then to move on.

But for those of you who just have to have an answer to the most compatible signs for you, the following shows general signs of compatibility.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) and Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) are considered to work well together. Air represents communications, ideas, and social activities. Fire represents passion, enthusiasm, and spirituality. Together, they can stimulate each other to new heights of understanding, or they can burn each other out.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) work well with water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces). Earth provides stability and water flows into the structure of earth. Earth is grounded, stable, and practical. Water is feeling-oriented, sensitive, and intuitive. Together, they can give each other needed nurturing and security, or they can get stuck the muddy waters of their own weaknesses.

When you look at relationship compatibility, you must look beyond comparing the two Sun signs. The emotional Moon is extremely important in relationships (see planet web page). Even if the Sun signs are not compatible, you want the moon signs to be compatible with either each other, or the partner’s sun sign. It also helps to have the Ascendant in each person’s chart in a compatible sign with the other’s Sun and/or Moon. It is important to have Mercury, planet of communications, in harmonious relationship to the other person’s sun and/or moon. After all, every relationship needs to discuss the issues that arise.

Relationship astrology can be very complicated. It is best not to make quick opinions on relationship compatibility based solely on the above.

What our Relationship Jewelry does to help:

Create a necklace that symbolizes your unique relationship. We can make a 2-strand necklace or bracelet with a strand for each of you, or a single chart that blends your two charts together.

A Composite necklace or bracelet blends your two charts into one, as if your relationship had a chart & personality of its own. This jewelry comes with a 20-page composite reading.

Double-strand Synastry Relationship Jewelry has two strands, one for each of you. It comes with a 15-page synastry reading describing how your planets and zodiac affect each other.

You can also add on additional full charts and interpretations for each of you individually.

Wearing our jewelry and reading these reports can help you understand what's happening behind the scenes, so that you can make a conscious effort to take each other into consideration, own up to your own weaknesses, and help the other person understand.

Whether married, committed, engaged, dating, or just friends, you can carry your significant other with you at all times! It's a great way to stay connected throughout the day, or when you have to be apart.

Each order comes a full-color card with instructions.

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