Saturn is Capricorn's Ruling Planet, which means it is at its greatest strength when it falls in Capricorn or in the 10th house. Saturn represents your challenges, barriers, and life issues. Many astrologers discuss Saturn with a “you poor thing” look in their eyes. However, Saturn is a great helper. Saturn helps you separate what is real and appropriate in your life from that which is not.

Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and is the second largest in the solar system. Much of what is known about the planet is due to the Voyager explorations in 1980-81.

The atmosphere is primarily composed of hydrogen with small amounts of helium and methane. Saturn is the only planet less dense than water. In the unlikely event that a large enough ocean could be found, Saturn would float in it!

Saturn's ring system makes the planet one of the most beautiful objects in the solar system. The rings may have been formed from larger moons that were shattered by impacts of comets and meteoroids. The ring composition is not known for certain, but the rings show a significant amount of water. They may be composed of icebergs and/or snowballs from a few centimeters to a few meters in size.

Saturn's day is 10 hours, 39 minutes long, and it takes 29.5 Earth years to revolve about the Sun. This 29-year orbit is called your "Saturn Return" by astrologers, and is almost always a pivotal moment in your life.

In astrology, Saturn teaches us some of the hardest lessons in life. According to, in order to survive we need to conform to some kind of social order and structure. While that may seem to stifle our creativity, in order to make lasting contributions to society, we must first show proper respect for it.

Saturn is father time. He limits us, and in so doing gives form and structure to our lives. Saturn represents your higher voice, anyone older or wiser than you, those in authority, and any established social order. He is your father, police officer, boss, sergeant, rulebook, school system, judge and government. Saturn keeps you on track, or holds you back, depending on your point of view!

Saturn represents patience, boundaries, restrictions, and life karma. If you have been holding tightly to a relationship that has long lost its reason for being, Saturn will come along to help you release. If you want to start a new business, Saturn will help you do the work necessary for it to succeed.

The trouble comes when you say you want something but are not willing to bring forth the energy necessary for it to manifest. Saturn will help you, but you must do your part. Saturn also requires you to be patient and approach your goals over the long term. If you impatiently “want what you want, and want it now,” Saturn is likely to teach you some lessons in hard work and perseverance.