Second House, Material Possessions

The 2nd house deals with material possessions and your attitude towards the physical world; it is ruled by Taurus. The 2nd house relates to your throat and voice. It has to do with speaking your truth. The 2nd house helps you manifest beauty and your highest values into the world.

Although astrologers often talk about money, real estate, and your personal possessions when discussing the 2nd house, it is important to remember that the 2nd house represents your value system. Every dollar you spend in the world represents a vote in your value and belief system.

If you are not experiencing the abundance and prosperity that is naturally yours to experience in this world, the 2nd  house of your astrology chart is the first place to look. Read the sign on the cusp of your 2nd house to get a hint about your belief in money or real estate. Taurus on the 2nd house may purchase a luxurious home with solid resale value. Gemini on the 2nd house cusp may prefer a home loaded with books.

Be aware, there are many other places to look in an astrology chart for material resources, especially the 10th house of Career. Natal planets in a house will influence the nature of that house as well.