Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox

Posted by David Ockrassa on 3/14/2016 to Articles

Spring Equinox falls on either the 19th or 20th of March this year, depending on your location. For the US East Coast, it’s on the 20th, 30 minutes after midnight. For us on the West, it’s the 19th, at 9:30 PM. (This is a good illustration of why sometimes the day of birth is not conclusive on the Sign of the birth. Location matters!)

While the Spring Equinox is often viewed as an opportune time to begin things, it’s also true that what we see the shoots of now, popping out of the ground, are the results of seeds planted earlier, astrologically thinking, at the Winter Solstice. So what you decided to do with those energies – hopefully you used them to avoid the then transitory influences and opened discourse with the people important in your life to begin clarifying, if not moving toward, activities that lead toward greater stability – is what will be coming into visibility now.

Venus is a major influence in this chart as well. And again, not necessarily an easy influence. She sits in Pisces, conjunct Neptune, opposite Jupiter and square to Mars. Venus is a symbol of what we desire and tend to draw towards us. Jupiter, while referred to as the “Greater Benefic” is really symbolic of MORE, and more is not always a good thing. Mars represents how we go after what we want, and Neptune can represent our dreams. With Venus and Neptune conjunct each other, we will be challenged to keep our dreams realistic. Neptune can have a tendency to enfold us in a dreamy state where we have beautiful ideas of what things “should” be like and forget the realities of the situation, so without some clarity of thought, some guiding purpose, can result in taking no action at all. Since they are both in opposition to Jupiter, we will be challenged to NOT go overboard in their pursuit. (Since Jupiter is in retrograde motion, and is sitting in Virgo, his energy may be focused on ever more details, planning and more planning. Another two edged sword there, as realistic dreams may get bogged down in excessive planning rather than just reasonable planning!) Since a plan is necessary to achieving our goals, that’s not necessarily to our detriment, no matter that an opposing aspect is generally a challenge. Perhaps that can help us to actualize realistic dreams and let unrealistic ones fall away. The square from Mars will be a persistent drive to adjust those dreams before taking action on them. There is a need to remain flexible, and perhaps those adjustments will bring the needed clarity before action.

Mercury is also in Pisces, so our thought processes may not be as keen as normal. A symbol of how we gather and process information, when in Pisces that function may become more intuitive and less logical than normal. Not that intuition isn’t a valuable tool, but when seeking clarity of purpose, it may not be the most appropriate use of our mental faculties. So try to retain at least some objectivity through this period. Being able to identify what is true from what is dreamt will be an important task. And Mercury makes an out of Sign conjunction to the Sun, suggesting that his energy will be focused on getting things going. If you are able to remain focused on what the situation (and the gathered info!) really is and not what you’d like it to be, it will be a lot easier to put that data into a meaningful and productive context. When we want to work to implement our dreams, it’s better to start from an honest evaluation of the current conditions than to start from a confused place. By all means, pay attention to the intuitive sparks that this Pisces Mercury may provide, but also try to separate what you “feel” from what you actually “know”, and blend them wisely.

Throughout the next three months, do be open to your dreams. Our dreams are what lift us beyond the mundane, beyond any ruts we may find ourselves in. But don’t rush into the pursuit of those dreams unless you have put forth the effort to clarify them to yourself and those dear to you. Make sure they are realistic and productive, not just the “pipe dreams” that Neptune may deliver, but are truly worthwhile. Use the hunches, don’t let them use you. While the data gathering and processing may be difficult, without finding clarity first, you’ll just be spinning your wheels.