The Sun is the largest body in our Solar System and therefore defines the dominant traits of your personality according to the zodiac sign it falls in. Newspaper horoscopes focus on the Sun sign, but it is only one of ten planets that influence your astrology chart. The sun and moon are called planets in order to make conversations easier.

The Sun is your basic life force, vigor, and vitality. It defines why you get out of bed in the morning. The Sun drives you to express your heart’s desire in this life.

While an Aquarius, for example, may want to revolutionize the ideals of the world, a Taurus may want to have a tangible and long-lasting impact upon the world. Aquarius opens you to innovative possibilities; Taurus wants to build a house make those ideas workable in the world.

The Sun represents leadership traits, how you express your power, pride in your accomplishments, and self-confidence. As you might imagine, negative traits of an afflicted Sun are excessive pride, undue need for recognition, and misuse of power. Used positively, you are a dynamo who brings forth your unique Divine Essence in service to planet earth.

The Sun is associated with your heart, spine and upper back. It is associated with both the color and metal gold. The house placement of the Sun indicates an area of life where you can let your light shine. The Sun is the ruling planet of Leo in the 5th house.