Tenth House, Career

The 10th house represents your public image and career. The world sees you according to the sign on the 10th house cusp (also called the Midheaven). Capricorn's rulership ensures that you will find big business, government, and other administratively heavy organizations in this area of the chart.

Politicians and Chief Executive Officers are associated with the 10th house.

In esoteric, or spiritually focused, astrology, it is believed that the 10th house cusp indicates aspects that your soul incarnated to accomplish in this life. Whereas the 6th house represented your work, the 10th house indicates career. In the 6th house, you work away like a busy little bee. In the 10th house, you are seen for your accomplishments and/or failures.

Planets in your 10th house will affect your career experiences. Natal Mars in the 10th house may indicate strong ambition if well-aspected in the chart. Jupiter in the 10th  house may indicate a person who appears larger than life, or one who is known for coaching and encouraging those in her/his charge.

In the same way, the sign on the cusp of your 10th house affects your attitudes towards ambition. Aquarius in the 10th house may be a person who prefers to work alone, or own his or her own business. Leo in the10th  house may be a person who prefers supervisory positions.