Since this planet is the butt of many jokes, please pronounce it as YOORanis, with the accent on the first syllable.  In Astrology, Uranus represents independence, freedom, invention, innovation, friends, and revolution.

The seventh planet in our solar system, Uranus's unique claim to fame is that its axis runs from side-to-side and so it rotates horizontally! It also has rings, though fainter than Saturn's. Many of its 21 moons are named after Shakespeare characters.

Uranus is Aquarius's Ruling Planet, which means it is at its greatest strength when it falls in Aquarius or in the 11th house.

When Uranus transits your chart, you simply need to find a new way to do things. Learn to choose change for something better, rather than changing just for the sake of change.

Uranus takes seven years to move through a zodiac sign, so the sign Uranus was in at birth effects a large number of people. This makes the natal house placement of Uranus very important for understanding how it is used in your life. If it's located in the 10th house of Career, you may prefer to be self-employed, or to at least have a supervisor who doesn’t hover over you. In the 7th house of Relationships, you may need a marriage partner who gives you plenty of space in the relationship.

Uranus is associated with astrologers, aviators, inventors, and revolutionaries. On a spiritual level, Uranus helps you to break free of self-imposed limitations so you can experience the miracles of the Universe.