What is Astrology Jewelry?

Alicia’s signature Horoscope Jewelry is custom-made to order using your date, time and place of birth. All the Planets, Houses and Zodiac Constellations are positioned exactly as they were the moment you were born.

By wearing our mathematically-accurate astrology chart jewelry, you:
  1. Center yourself in the universe, grounding yourself in who you came into this world to be.
  2. Cut through all your self-imposed limitations and become your true self.
  3. Call the cosmos to you and surround yourself with the energy you want to manifest.
  4. Study your chart and learn wonderful things about the universe, astrology and yourself.
  5. Carry your astrology chart around with you at all times, so you can do readings off of it whenever you want.
  6. Use the jewelry like a rosary or mala to meditate with and help focus your intention to reach your goals.
  7. Look gorgeous with all your new signature pieces


Why are they "astrological?"

Planet Gemstones

Every bead has meaning! The Planets are semi-precious gemstones that look like the planets both in color and proportional size.

The Sterling Silver beads mark the Houses, the pie slices astrologers use to understand different areas of life.

The 12k Gold-Filled beads mark all 12 Zodiac signs.

Each colored bead is an exact number of degrees, adding up to 360.

Each piece is mathematically accurate - you can do astrology readings right off the jewelry! Plus, they harness your power so you can use them for personal growth.