Winter Solstice 2014

Winter Solstice 2014

Posted by David Ockrassa on 12/15/2014 to Articles
Mid-winter this year, aka the Winter Solstice, is on Dec. 21, at 6:03 PM EST, followed about an hour and a half later by a new moon.

And the Uranus - Pluto square keeps going and going and going. Hang in there, it’s last exact square, later next year (2015), is coming. So while the pressures to make radical changes are still present, an easing of that tension is coming closer. Look at the issues that have come up in your life over the last few years and see if there are any themes that show up. Those themes are the types of issues this configuration is driving you to address. While specific events may not repeat, situations and attitudes may well do so. Changes to the way you handle power, yours and others, may have been what’s emphasized. (The dates of the exact square are: June 24, 2012, Sept. 18, 2012, May 20, 2013, Nov. 1, 2013, Apr. 21, 2014, Dec. 14, 2014 and March 16, 2015. Since both are slow moving planets, the orb of influence will be months each side of each of those dates, but the exact square is the most potent time.)

Look also at the two Houses occupied by transiting Uranus and Pluto for further clues to what in your life is most stressed at these times. (Uranus is in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn.) Because this transiting aspect has been so long, it’s possible that – especially with Uranus since he moves faster than Pluto – that more than two houses have been impacted.

By reflecting on what this aspect has been doing to you and your life since 2012, you should be able to come to some realization of what’s actually going on internally. The past events, of course, are a reflection of that, but can seem to be random and unconnected. Again, look for themes from those events to gain some insight into what internal changes are prompting the external.

The Ingress chart also has Mercury, Pluto and Venus in Capricorn. Lots of Cardinal Earth going on there, and lots of energy for the Sun to draw on for a new beginning. There’s a strong urge for an “out with the old, in with the new” action, even without the square from Uranus pushing for the same thing. Use Mercury’s energy of gathering information well, and couple that with Pluto’s drive for the absolute truth. And let yourself connect with the Venusian energy to draw to herself what she wants. She is, after all, a symbol of what you want, and by transit shows what looks good at the moment.

Mercury and Venus are also square Uranus. You may feel like you’re having sudden flashes of insight, and you might be. And you may experience sudden (and perhaps seemingly “new” likes and dislikes. And you may be. But, as always with Uranus transits, try to not take immediate action. Uranus doesn’t really care about what happens next. The energy wants us to make radical changes. (“Mid-life crisis” is about the time of the opposition of transiting Uranus to it’s natal position. Many people soon regret the drastic life changes they initiated then. Think – Mercury – before acting!)

When the Moon moves to make her conjunction with the Sun (8:36 PM EST), the New Moon takes on much of the significance of the Solstice. So the “short term” that a lunation can represent is reiterating the message of the Solstice. And any time a theme is repeated, it gains in strength. And with five planets in Capricorn, the energy of that Sign is certainly strong at this time. Remembering that Cardinal Signs are the energy to initiate things, and that Earth Signs tend towards structures and stability, it may act as a foil to the reckless abandon of Uranus in Aries, and help to keep his iconoclastic pressure a bit under control. That Uranus is (loosely, or by translation of light, or by Sign) in the opening square to these bodies suggest that we will at least see the pressure for change coming from outside ourselves, asking us to evaluate the progress of our plans and perhaps make appropriate changes to what we’ve put in motion. Just try to slow down his sense of urgency and don’t make rash moves without due thought!

Both of these charts are what’s called a “Bucket” pattern, where all but one of the planets are in (roughly 1/3 to ½ of the Zodiac and one planet sits apart, acting as the handle of the bucket. The handle of a bucket is, of course, the part that controls where the bucket will swing. Here, we see Jupiter in Leo as the handle, so even though he’s not in direct aspect to much at all, he gains a lot of importance. While he’s often likened to Santa Claus, or a generous uncle, he’s really about “more”, and doesn’t necessarily care if it’s more good things or more bad. So here he can be seen as an urge to make big changes, productive or not. But with Mars moving to oppose Jupiter, you can expect resistance to the changes in mind. Rather than just fight that opposition, it would be a good idea to listen carefully to the underlying reasons for that opposition – it might be something worth considering before actually making the changes. Don’t dismiss feedback out of hand, even if it initially sounds or feels like that’s what it deserves. Cassandra was often right even though she communicated visions that most folk didn’t want to hear.

Oh, and Happy Holidays!