World Peace

Manifest PEACE in the World!

Peace starts from within, but it's bringing peace to those around us that changes the world.

I created this jewelry as a response to the September 11, 2001 tragedy. I didn't like how our administration reacted, and my friends challenged me to come up with a better solution. I did: World Peace Jewelry!

World Peace Jewelry is designed to balance the needs of citizens, governments, and resources with wisdom and inspiration. If I could get a critical mass of people wearing this jewelry, we really can change the world.

I was onto something. My design won an award: The 2003 Runner Up for Fashion/Fine Jewelry from the Coalition of Visionary Resources!

Each manifestation talisman comes with a full-color postcard with affirmations you can use to focus your thoughts and achieve your dreams! Use the jewelry like a rosary or mala to activate the intention of each bead.

Listen to MaryJean Kidd explain how they work.

Hold your mouse over each bead in the picture to see how the jewelry works!

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This Grand Fire Kite formation of the Ascendant, Uranus, and Venus pointing to planets in the 10th house activates a powerful and profound commitment to World Peace.

  1. Ascendant: Azurite-Malachite (small blue-&-green). 1st House, self, Sagittarius. A freedom-seeking world traveler, I appreciate and learn from cultures and philosophies, envisioning the interconnectedness of all.
  2. North Node: Blue Goldstone (dark with sparkles). 3rd House, expression, Pisces. I bring oneness, healing, inspiration, and spirituality into my day-to-day life by communicating with friends, family, and community.
  3. Uranus: Aventurine (green). 4th House, home, Aries. I inspire a courageous, energetic transformation of our definition of “Family” from implying separation (“us and them, mine and yours”) to becoming all-inclusive (“all of us”), where all are welcome.
  4. Pluto: Red Jasper (tiny, red). 5th House, pleasure, Taurus. Transforms material re-sources and economics so that everyone’s basic needs are met worldwide.
  5. Moon: Moonstone (white). 6th House, service, Gemini. Network and connect out of service to others. An emotional attachment to solving the puzzle of Peace and Justice.
  6. Venus: African Picture Jasper (beige) and Part of Fortune: Citrine (yellow), in Leo. 8th House, birth and death, Cancer. Altruistic, caring ventures are rewarded with unexpected opportunities. People foster relationships based on love instead of fear.
  7. South Node: Blue Goldstone (dark with sparkles). 9th House, philosophy, Virgo. Wisdom fostered by detailed analysis of global affairs. Neptune: Sodalite (big, dark blue). A blend of ideals and practicality in the mentoring of new world views. Sun: Pewter/Brass smile, in Libra. Identification with humanity and the planet. Success as an instrument of peace by balancing ideas, emotions, and actions.
  8. 10th House & Midheaven, career, Libra. Balancing the needs of citizens, governments, and resources with intelligence and passion. Mars: Carnelian (red). Lead a diplomatic, noncombative approach to peace. Mercury: Hematite (metallic gray), Jupiter: Botswana Agate (big & swirly), Saturn: Tiger’s Eye (brown with rings). Artful politics communicate a new opportunity for cooperation and partnership. Decisions about implementation are structured to be enduring and tangible.
  9. Chiron: Rose Quartz (pink). 12th House, subconscious, Scorpio. An end to the secrecy and mystery surrounding international relations.

Each manifestation talisman comes with a full-color postcard
with affirmations you can use to focus your thoughts and achieve your dreams!

  1. Read the Postcard that came with the jewelry to learn what each bead does. Work around the jewelry bead by bead spending time with each Planet and its astrological interpretation.
  2. Think about which affirmations you're already good at, and pat yourself on the back!
  3. Figure out which affirmations are your biggest barriers. If you could change one thing about how you go about things, how would you act differently?
  4. Play with any beads that have a meaning you want to enhance in your life.
  5. If you have a bad habit you want to break, focus on the bead that best represents the issue. Play with the bead as a reminder not to do it! This works best when you catch yourself in the act, so you can stop immediately and try a different approach.
  6. Just simply wear the jewelry. You're calling down Universal Energy in an optimized configuration. By surrounding yourself with this positive vibe, you'll notice unusual "coincidences" that reveal your growth!

"This weekend I went to Ground Zero in New York and held my necklace in my hands and meditated on the all the lives lost in the attacks. It was a grounding experience, helped keep me connected both to myself and to the greater tragedy." Laura S, DC

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